“I took a stand against India,” Aisam ul Haq

Pakistan has seen many great sportsmen in different categories of sports. Aisam-ul-Haq is one of the biggest names in Pakistan who played tennis. He visited different countries to play different sorts of Tennis tournaments. In his recent interview with Green Team, he said that:

“I have learned from Sports and Religion that we must help each other. Because only Humans can help out each other in difficult situations.”

Aisam-ul-Haq said that I want to contribute more and more for my fellow countrymen and I want to do a lot of charity in the current situation as most of the people are disturbed due to Covid-19. He played his first game at the age of 14. While talking about his family he said:

“I always feel lucky that my grandfather was a great tennis player and he played tennis before the partition of the subcontinent. My mother was a champion player in Pakistan and she was a top-ranked player for ten years in Pakistan”.

Debut Match

While talking about his debut match Aisam added that:

“I played my first game at the U-14 level and lost the game by 6 love and I wept a lot. I wanted to make my country and my parents proud. In the very next tournament, I beat that boy who beats me in my debut match. My parents gave me a hug and they appreciated it a lot”.

Aisam ul Haq on Sania Mirza

He said that tennis gave me a platform to make my parents and grandfather proud. I did a lot of hard work and did focus on my game. He became the number 7 ranked player in the world when he was 18 years old. While talking about his match that he wanted to play alongside with Sania Mirza said:

“She is a very humble lady and a very good friend of mine. I want to play a charity match with her but due to the political situation between both countries she denied playing a game”.

Took a stand against India

While talking about Davis Cup which was shifted from Pakistan to Kazakhstan, Aisam said that:

“As a Pakistani number one tennis player, I took a stand against India. I gave an application to ITF and they rejected the application of India. For the first time, the European tennis team: Slovenia came to Pakistan and we won against them and created history. They were ranked higher in international tennis rankings”.

Aisam alongside his partner James Cerretani beat the team of Roger Federer back in 2009. He got a lot of fame in Pakistan after beating one of the greatest players in the world. He is the only Pakistani tennis player to reach the final of the Grand Slam, which he did in 2010. Aisam teamed with Israeli player Amir Hadad during Wimbledon and US Open tournaments in 2002.

“I was very disappointed when the Pakistan tennis federation asked me to stop playing alongside an Israeli player otherwise you will be banned. Moreover, I was very disappointed after that because in sports it doesn’t matter what your religion is or from which country you belong”.

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Exclusive Interview of Aisam ul Haq to Green Team

Aisam was the first Pakistani tennis player who appeared in Pepsi TVC. In November 2010, he was also appointed as UNDP goodwill ambassador. He is also a member of the “Champions of Peace” club. Along with Rohan Bopanna, Aisam received the 2010 “Peace and Sport Image of the year” award. While talking about digital media he said that:

“Digital Media is the present and this a reality now that people are using social media more than mainstream media and it’s the best platform to promote all kinds of sports.”

Green Team thanks Aisam ul Haq Qureshi for giving us time for the Interview.

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