Is Islamabad getting Pakistan’s Biggest Stadium?

Islamabad has scenic views, the parliament, the infamous Faisal mosque yet the one thing it doesn’t have is a cricket stadium. But looks like this is going to change soon and not only the capital is getting a stadium but it’s getting Pakistan’s biggest stadium.

The vision behind the stadium

To send out a message of peace and revive the international image of the country, the prime minister of Pakistan has certain aims in his mind. One of them includes the construction of Pakistan’s biggest stadium in Islamabad. 

The message has already been conveyed to the cricket board and the responsibility has been bestowed on Ehsan Mani. Collaboration of PCB’s chairman with the chairman of CDA is on the cards.

Updates About the Progress

As per the director of the national high-performance center, the project is progressing at quite a swift rate. The hunt to find a suitable location has already started under the leadership of CDA’s director of land, planning, and development. Imran Khan is set to review the report submitted next month. Pakistan’s biggest stadium is going to be completed by the partnership of private and public organizations.

Uncertainty Around the Name

The name of the stadium has not yet been decided, numerous are anticipated such as Islamabad Cricket Stadium, Imran Khan Cricket Stadium, Capital Cricket Stadium

After years of isolation, Pakistan finally became a host to different cricket teams starting from Zimbabwe to World XI and so on. The tradition of cricket being played in the home grounds is being revived; however, there are only four functioning stadiums in the country: National Stadium Karachi, Gaddafi Stadium Lahore, Multan Stadium, and Rawalpindi stadium.

The stadium located in Rawalpindi is decent enough to host games but the lack of modern infrastructure and facilities take the essence of the stadium away. 

Future of Islamabad stadium and Cricket in Pakistan 

With more well-known teams like England and New Zealand coming, it seems intelligent to build one more stadium. If the stadium turns out to be the biggest with the latest technologies and better infrastructure, then not only will the quality of both domestic and international cricket improve but more and more sides would also be willing to come. And who knows, Pakistan could become the host of an ICC Mega Event? That being said, Pakistan’s biggest stadium is also going to have a high-performance center . If you are looking for the Darknet Market List you will need to download and install the tor browser

To conclude, it would not be wrong to say that the upcoming stadium has the capabilities to become one of the most famous and useful ones. We hope it gets completed soon and in the most efficient way.

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