Is this the end of Shoaib Malik? Will we see him playing in the T20I WC?

Age is just a number! Shoaib Malik has represented Pakistan for almost 23 years.  Unfortunately, Malik is not part of the Pakistan squad for Asia Cup 2022. Sometimes the 40 years old won Pakistan matches single-handedly. Malik has 19 players of the match award in one day international. Despite his age, he is the fittest player in the Pakistan team therefore the most reliable fielder. We have not seen Shoaib after T20I World Cup 2021. Will we see Shoaib Malik in this T20I World cup 2022?

What Are The Possibilities To Include Shoaib Malik In The Squad?


There is less possibility that we can see the 40 years old in action during the T20I world cup 2022. This is because the Pakistan cricket team did not pick him in the Asia Cup squad. Still, Pakistan has not found Malik’s replacement as he is a stable middle-order batsman who can save Pakistan from a collapse in a pressure situation.

Shoaib Malik’s Performance In T20I World Cup 2021

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Shoaib Malik performed skillfully in T20 World Cup 2021. The 40 years old played six matches in which he batted four times. He scored 100 runs with a satisfactory average of 50 and a tremendous strike rate of 151.6. Malik’s highest runs were 54 in just 18 balls with a strike rate of 300 which is quite impressive

Shoaib Malik’s Performance In UAE

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The right-handed batsman has played 124 T20I matches throughout his illustrious career with a lot of experience. Veteran batsman has played 32 games in UAE and in which he batted in 27 games. The 40 years old scored 549 runs with an acceptable average of 27.5. Malik’s average is pretty OK as he bats lower the order at the fifth position. The Sialkot born has also played many league games in UAE including PSL

Does Shoaib Malik Deserve To Be In Pakistan Squad?

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Pakistan has still not found a replacement for the 40 years old. Pakistan Ex Veteran batsman Shoaib Malik could have been included in the Pakistan squad for Asia Cup. Other Middle-order batters are not reliable hence Green team is still facing middle-order issues. The Sialkot born has a lot of experience with UAE pitches which could have helped him. Shoaib is a stable batsman who can save Pakistan from a collapse, he is a reliable player who plays according to the game’s situation.

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