PSL under yet another massive threat?

The term PSL is widely honoured as something synonymous with charm, glitziness, and extravaganza within the country. But on real grounds, it’s not all about that. The Pakistan Super League, since its inception, has faced quite a few daunting challenges.

From being played on the distant shores of Arab Emirates to foreign stars openly showing reluctance to play in Pakistan. From financial issues to getting severely hit by the Coronavirus pandemic, a rather bumpy ride it has been for the tournament so far.

Another ascending complexity is the widespread increase in T20 tournaments, clashing with the scheduled period of PSL.

PSL Schedule clash with Established Leagues:

The Bangladesh Premier League & Big Bash League both are scheduled to be played in parallel with the PSL, as the allocated timeline trespasses January & February 2023.

PCB cannot ignore the complexities posed in their way resultantly as both the tournaments have successfully attained prominent figures in the arena of global t-20 leagues. Moreover, BBL, for the first time in its history, will be executing a draft system to ensure the improved participation of foreign stars in the competition.

Inauguration of New franchise tournaments:

The severity of the problem intensifies seeing the addition of new tournaments within the window. Cricket South Africa is planning to initiate a new franchise-based tournament in January. For this very purpose, the CSA cancelled the ODI series against Australia, disregarding the fact that the abandonment may pose threats to their direct participation in the world cup.

Meanwhile, Emirates Cricket Board is making moves to establish yet another t-20 tournament in a long list of others. The newly created competition is planned to be played between January & February. UAE based league is solidifying its position on the back of huge bucks of money involved. It has been reported that two Pakistani players have received a mammoth offer of PKR 120 million each in return for enlightening the UAE league with their participation.

On the other hand, PCB, in alliance with Cricket Australia, is planning to unleash a possible proposal in front of ICC to bar the release of players for non-ICC full members and other private leagues.

But in real terms, the proposal seems timid. Pakistan Cricket Board itself conducts three major tournaments (PSL, KPL & PJL) within the country. Raising objections on other boards seems nothing but hypocritical.

The biggest concern in all this scenario is the availability of foreign players. Managing five leagues in a time span of 2 to 3 months is near impossible for any athlete. With the Indian Premier League to follow in the cricket calendar, players surely will look to get their priorities set. Minimal workload and maximum rewards are surely the natural way out. A lot to ponder for PCB & PSL franchises, and maybe, time to look for some other window.

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