Former Australian Players to have Passed Away This Year

Unfortunately, we have witnessed a very sad year for all cricketing fans across the globe. As a result, there has been a lot of stir on social media. As we had lost three former Australian players who had given a lot to the game and had received countless followers and supporters during each of their illustrious careers. We send our condolences to all the family members who have suffered during this tough time.

Andrew Symonds 

The Australian all-rounder was an incredible player throughout his amazing career. He managed to accomplish all types of achievements in the cricket field. He managed to score more than 5000 ODI runs at an average of almost 40. He also picked up a massive 165 wickets in international cricket. He had managed to become a valuable asset during the victorious Aussie sides during Ricky Ponting’s reign as captain. 

Then on May 15, there was breaking news that turned out to be devastating for all cricketing fans. It seemed that Andrew Symonds had passed away during a car accident in Townsville. Many were shocked to hear this about the 46-year-old. 

A witness by the name of Waylon Townson said he first reached the scene and tried to perform CPR but he was unresponsive. 

Rod Marsh 

The wicketkeeper from Perth was one of the most respected players to have played International cricket. He played a tremendous test career that lasted 14 years. He had even collected a world record for that time of most dismissals which was a great achievement. His mixture of athleticism, focus, and extraordinary skill behind the stumps gave him a natural advantage over other keepers to stand out.

 He also scored a massive 3633 runs in Test Cricket at a decent average of 26.51.

All of a sudden there was shocking news on March 4th that Rod Marsh had shockingly passed away from a heart attack. He was in a coma before his death on Friday.

Shane Warne 

The greatest-ever leg spinner and arguably the greatest bowler of all time had a huge impact on the game. He was remembered to be a magician with the bowl and what he could do no one else could. From the Ball of The Century to bamboozling the Pakistani Batsman in the 99 World cup. He was known to be a great commentator as well, always adding great inputs to the game. He picked up an absurd amount of wickets totalling 1001 International Wickets. He was also a handy tail-ender for Australia.

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A heartbreak to all cricket fans arrived when it was announced on March 4th that Shane Warne had been found dead in Thailand and had a suspected heart attack. Thus many mourned the sad news of his death. Then a video came out of his body arriving back in Australia via private jet. We said goodbye to the greatest Leg Spinner ever. 

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