Reasons why Criticism on Mohammad Rizwan is Baseless

There has been a lot of backlash towards the opener from Pakistan on Social Media. Many popular personalities including the likes of Wasim Akram and Aaqib Javed are among. There have been many reasons as to why but the reasons why criticism of Mohammad Rizwan is baseless. Thus causing a huge amount of stir around social media about the batsman.

Success of Mohammad Rizwan in international cricket

When it comes to success for Pakistan in opening for T20Is there are none better than Mohammad Rizwan. He has amassed two thousand runs tied fastest with his partner Babar Azam at 52 innings. He also has broken the single-year record for the most runs in a calendar year in T20. The majority of his critics have been going on about his strike rate. It has been proven time and again that it does not seem to be a problem if the openers stay for 15 or more overs. 

Pakistan have become a much better side-chasing thanks to Rizwan’s mental temperament and ability to take on any challenge. He has been the best T20 player for the past two years and it shows as he is the number one batsman in T20I in the ICC Rankings.  This shows that the criticism towards him is rather unproven and he had not hit a bad patch as he had won games in the Asia Cup as well including the big one against India.

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Why did the criticism exist?

It seemed to be that it was profound due to the unorthodox usage of Powerplay. There is no doubt they tend to not fully utilize the fielding restrictions but plenty can be said as to why due to the major struggles of the middle order in Pakistan.

Well to an extent we have to agree but there is also no denying that they make it up if they are to stay at the wicket for an extended amount of time.

Also has been that he plays selfish innings. That cannot be backed up whatsoever as he has been a player who has always given his 100% to the team whereas many players haven’t. He plays at a decent strike rate for an opener and with his success there can’t be any denying that he is already an All-time Great in the history of T20 cricket for Pakistan.

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