A sweet shut up from Karachiites to its critics as National stadium shows record turnout

National Stadium, Karachi, a place which is also termed as the fortress of Pakistan cricket has always been a negative among people due to its crowd attendances. The stadium holds a capacity of around 32,000+ spectators but according to some social media pundits, it never shows up to that level. This fact turned into a myth very recently.

Crowd history at NSK since the return of International cricket

National Stadium has been hosting the majority of Pakistan cricket since its revival in the country and has been a host to Windies, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Australia, and most recently the English lions played 4 of their 7 T20 internationals at this iconic venue. Of all the mentioned tours, the one that had great significance was the Australian tour as they were touring with their full-strength squad and they were here for a great period. 

The crowd during that particular series was disappointing in patches but the Australians were welcomed open-heartedly by the people of Pakistan. Apart from this, NSK has been the host to the majority of Pakistan super league matches, including finals and qualifiers but was again targeted for its negative crowd response

What made the Karachites come to the stadium

Well it seems, the people of Karachi have some special affection for the current touring team of England as they have filled the stadium to its full capacity, a sight which was rarely seen in National Stadium Karachi before. 

A shorter format and a team like England were needed to charge up the crowd of Karachi and this was evident by the numbers shown in the stadium. National Stadium Karachi has seen as many as 120,000 spectators during the 4 T20 internationals played here.

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Karachi-Lahore Crowd Rivalry

A cricket match between Karachi and Lahore always has drama and spice in it but now the game has gone further as both the cities now have a rivalry of stadium crowd attractions. The Lahoris which are also termed “Zinda Dilaan E Lahore” has always been more interactive and proactive and they always have shown it while bringing posters and filling the GSL to its full capacity. Karachi, on the other hand, since it’s considered the business hub of Pakistan so filling in the stadiums has been a herculean task for them. Facts apart, the war of trolls between the people of two cities is always worth seeing and enjoying as in the end, Pakistan is winning.

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