Will the launch of ILT20 affect PSL?

A new T20 league has been launched named International League T20 (ILT20). The name was revealed by Emirates Cricket Board (ECB) on 9th June through a press release. 

When will ILT20 have its inaugural season?

The league is said to take place next year in January and February. The duration of it will be from 6th January to 12th February.

The Future of T20 leagues

T20 leagues recently have gained decent limelight throughout the cricketing world. Not only this, but they have also increased in numbers. Now, almost every top cricket nation has its league. 

The competitiveness between leagues has also gone up. There has been a conflict of dates/schedules. Moreover, each league wants to have the best players featuring in it which sometimes also leads to players neglecting their national duties. 

Pakistan Super League (PSL) was launched in 2016. Since then, it has been able to make its mark quite successfully. From well-known players featuring in it to thrilling matches, PSL has all the ingredients for a successful T20 league. 

What does ILT20 mean for PSL in terms of finance and popularity? 

However, with the ILT20 launch, it might face some difficulties. Major financial titans such as Reliance Industries, Kolkata Knight Riders, and Adani Group are backing ILT20 which means players of the league would be able to offer players more money than PSL. 

It is said that players may be offered around $300,000. PSL offers $140,000 while ILT20 offers more than double of. $2 million is said to be the amount set for the salary cap for each team in ILT20 while PSL gives $1.2 million. 

IPL takes place in April and May so PSL takes place before it. This way, the dates don’t clash. But ILT20 dates may clash with the starting phase of PSL. Some of the players signed for ILT20 may miss some of its opening games. If covid comes back and bio-secure bubbles once again are put into place then the circumstances could become even more complex

PSL with its nail-biting matches and good management has been successful in being perceived as the second-best league after IPL. However, with ILT20 launching, PSL may lose its place or value. 

ILT20 will be the second-best T20 league, states Mubashshir Usmani

ECB’s boss’s comments to Forbes are as followed;

“The IPL is number one. Nothing comes close. It’s in a league of its own. But we [ILT20] can be second. I’m not saying we will be better than other leagues, who might be equal, but at the very least we will be the second-best T20 league in the world.”

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