IPL and PSL – What Top Players Prefer?

In the current arena of the cricket circuit, T20 cricket is all-over. There are too many franchise leagues happening around the globe like IPL, PSL, CPL, etc. Among these leagues, arguably, IPL and PSL are the top-notch leagues. However, it is observed that most of the cricketers, specially super-stars, prefer to play Indian League rather than Pakistan. but the question is why? It is worth mentioning that some players leave their national duties just to play the Indian League.

Here, let’s dissect and analyze,” Why do top cricketers want to play IPL but not PSL?”.

IPL and PSL:  Auction Vs Draft System

IPL and PSL have their own system to hire cricketers for the leagues. As an Indian league, one of the most appealing features is an auction. The auction takes place before every edition. It brings a thrill for the crackers. It creates the hype for them who are going to be the most expensive pick of the year. It gives a financial boost. It ensures for big stars that they have an exclusive privilege which makes it the go-to league for many of them. 


On the other hand, PSL has its own system which is called the “Draft System”. The system categorizes the players in a specific category. It fixes their price tag which makes it predictable for many of them. There are also restrictions that one team cannot take many players of the top tier. Consequently, the league itself is unable to bring ace sportsmen. 

Season Off When IPL Is Played

All the players want to participate in IPL and PSL but there are a few complications that make players not take part in the Pakistan league. One of the major concerns for players to opt for the Indian league is that there is hardly any international cricket happening around. Most of the editions take place under the same circumstance. It makes more and more players eligible for the league. 

PSL mostly organizes when the leading teams play their bilateral series. It is not possible for the players to take part in the league. Due to the presence of other leagues and international cricket, It is really difficult to arrange the tournament in the vacant season. 

It is also observed that some top-level players leave PSL during the tournament. It is troublesome for the franchisees to pick them. Although, it is not the case for the Indian League. In the league, they are keen to play the entire season. Because the Indian franchisees do not let them go as they join the team once. 

New Zealand all-rounder Jimmy Neesham responded to the fan tweet about his availability for PSL:

Jimmy Neesham said, “Or because PSL is in the middle of our home summer?”

IPL’s Fandom & Glamour is Bigger Than PSL

Fans and glamour are some of the factors which attract players to participate in franchise leagues. IPL is successfully provided throughout the years. The league has millions of fan-following globally. Moreover, its fans are not only from India but also from all over the world. 

Many cricketers like AB de Villiers, Glenn Maxwell, Chris Gayle, etc feel India like their second home. 

Kings xi Punjab IPL

Additionally, India has one of the biggest film industries in the world. They have many superstars (film artists) who are prominent internationally. These stars like Shahrukh Khan and Preity Zinta own their franchise, and they are fully involved in the league. It makes the league more appealing and glamorous which attracts other players to play and enjoy cricket. 

IPL and PSL both are doing arduous efforts to make their leagues the best in the world. For now, it seems like BCCI is doing better than PCB. BCCI has managed to make their league more enchanting than their competitors. 

PSL Is Still Growing

Pakistan-based franchise league is still in the developing stage, surprisingly still doing its best. As the host manages to organize 6 editions till now, and 7th on the verge of play. However, there have been 14 editions of IPL which is double the number of it. There are also financial troubles among franchisees which create problems for them to buy some high profile players. 

It is also noted that there is only one edition which is held entirely in Pakistan. 

In the end, IPL is a more attractive and top priority league for the players. It is not oblivious that most of the players want to play it rather than other leagues. Its aura is overwhelming the other leagues as it is the oldest, and pioneer of the franchise leagues. Although, the Pakistan league has the potential to attract players in the near future. 

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