Twitter Reacts: Fans react to new Pakistan kit for the T20 World Cup 2022

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) have unveiled the Pakistan kit for the upcoming T20 World Cup 2022. 

Before the official release, there were leaks of the new jerseys which were going viral on social media just a day before. The leak pictures, which eventually turns out to be the official pictures, saw many people show disappointment at first. It was probably due to the poor resolution of the jersey shot.

PCB released not one but TWO different versions of the kit. This will be the first time that the national Men’s team will be wearing two different kits for the multination competition. The national women’s team have worn it before in the previous tournaments.

The Pakistan kit is known as the “Thunder Kit” and there’s a thunder-related theme design. The primary kit has a forest green colour with two different thunder-coloured venoms and pistachio green. The secondary kit is coloured sea/ foam green with the thunders coloured mint and pine green. Take a look at the picture below;


But the official release, as well as close-up shots have made many people change their minds. Although some are still not happy with the colour scheme and design. For that, we look at the reactions of the fans from both sides.

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Fans react who loved the new Pakistan kit

Fans react who are dissapointed and trolled the new Pakistan kit

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