Schedule Announced: Gadaffi Stadium is all set to host the inaugural Pakistan Junior League

Pakistan Junior League season 1 is ready to glorify the historical city of Lahore from 6th October 2022. The young stars are ready to give jaw-dropping performances and be someone for the future.

PCB’s initiative to launch such a tournament has been given high notes across the globe.

All you need to know for Pakistan Junior League Season 1

The first season of the Pakistan Junior league will feature six teams named after beautiful and historical cities of Pakistan i.e. Bahawalpur, Gawadar, Rawalpindi, Mardan, Hyderabad, and Gujranwala. These teams will enjoy the services of different foreign and local cricketing stars as mentors and coaches. Since the economical situation is unstable, the PCB has retained the ownership rights of every team.

The teams’ draft has been completed and each team got their desired picks to set the tournament on fire.

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Tournament Scheduling and playing method

The tournament is based on a single-league format and each team will play the other team for once. Keeping in view, the logistical and technical requirements, the first season will only take place in HQ of Pakistan Cricket, The Gadaffi Stadium, Lahore. Thinking of this cautious approach by PCB, it seems that they don’t want to expand the league until they become assured of positive financial outcomes. 

A non-stop schedule is designed with only a single day of break before the final. Mardan and Gujranwala are to play the tournament opener on 6th October 2022 under the glorious lights of GSL.

All 19 matches of the Pakistan Junior League shall be broadcasted through a high-definition production setup. The teams will enjoy high-level security arrangements during the league.

The complete schedule of Pakistan Junior League season 1 to follow:

Note: The day match starts at 15.30 and the evening match begins at 20.00 and all matches will be played at Gaddafi stadium, Lahore.

Date Match
6th OctoberGujranwala Giants vs Mardan Warriors
7th OctoberBahawalpur Royals vs Hyderabad Hunters
8th OctoberRawalpindi Raiders vs Gwadar Sharks
Gujranwala Giants vs Bahawalpur Royals
9th OctoberHyderabad Hunters vs Gwadar Sharks
Rawalpindi Raiders vs Mardan Warriors
10th OctoberBahawalpur Royals vs Mardan Warriors
11th OctoberHyderabad Hunters vs Rawalpindi Raiders
12th OctoberGujranwala Giants vs Gwadar Sharks
13th OctoberMardan Warriors vs Hyderabad Hunters
14th OctoberRawalpindi Raiders vs Gujranwala Giants
Bahawalpur Royals vs Gwadar Sharks
15th OctoberHyderabad Hunters vs Gujranwala Giants
Bahawalpur Royals vs Rawalpindi Raiders
16th OctoberMardan Warriors vs Gwadar Sharks
18th OctoberQualifier 1 (1 vs 2)
19th OctoberEliminator (3 vs 4)
20th OctoberQualifier 2 (Loser Qualifier 1 vs Winner Eliminator)
21st OctoberFinal (Qualifier 1 Winner vs Qualifier 2 winner)

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