Will We See Pakistan vs India In WTC 2023 Final?

Pakistan vs India is the most demanding match of all time. It is not just a match, it is an emotion for both teams’ fans. Pakistan-India cricket rivalry is the most intense rivalry in the world. This match only takes place in big ICC tournaments. The last time these two teams played a test match was in 2007. After the Galle test, there is a chance that these two teams can play the final of WTC 2023 still the probability is pretty low.

Can Sri Lanka And South Africa Reach WTC 2023 Final?

After the Galle test series, Sri Lanka has moved up to the third position in the WTC rankings. They are only left with one series in which they will play two test matches against New Zealand. If they win both matches they will end up with 61.1% which means that they have less chance of reaching the grand finale.

South Africa is currently the table topper with 71.43% points still, they have tough matches ahead. They will play three tests against England followed by Australia in their away conditions. They will face West Indies in two test match series in their home conditions. On the condition that they win four matches out of eight therefore they will finish on 60% hence they will be out of the race.

Can Australia Qualify For WTC Final?

Australia is the favourite team to reach the WTC final. They are left with nine games, two against West Indies, and three against South Africa in their home conditions. They will face the most challenge against India in four-match test series in away conditions. Assuming that the Kangaroos win both the home series but lose all four matches against India hence they will reach 63.16%. To reach the final they will have to win six out of nine games.

What Are The Chances For Pakistan And India To Reach The Finale?


India is left with six games, two against Bangladesh in their away conditions and four against Australia in their home conditions. The Men in blue will have to win all of their games to reach the finale.

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Pakistan is dropped to the fifth position after the loss to Sri Lanka in the second Galle test still Men In green have a chance to play the final at Lords. The unpredictables are left with five games, two against New Zealand and three against England at their home. The green shirts will have to win all of these games to confirm their position in the finals by reaching 69.05%.

Can We See The WTC Final Between India And Pakistan?


 The question is can we see the grand final between India and Pakistan? The answer is yes we can witness this thriller but the chances are low. We can only see Green VS Blue if both teams win their leftover matches. The Men In green will need to win their five matches so they can get 69.05 points. The Men in blue will need to win their six games which will give them 68.06 points. If India wins all of their games so Australia will be restricted to 63.16 points. This will allow the final between the two arch-rivals.

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