Pakistan participants in the Commonwealth Games 2022

The Commonwealth Games is a multi-nation sports event that many players from around the world. The competition took place in Birmingham, England from July 28 to August 8 2022. With over 72 nations participating in the CWG, the Games were the largest ever held in its history.

It is a huge honour for players from counties participating, especially to win the medals. For Pakistan, 103 contingent participate in the Commonwealth Games out of which 73 were players while 30 were officials. The largest group of the pool was the hockey team with 18 players and six officials while the Women’s cricket team had 15 players with five officials. 

Pakistan won eight medals in the Commonwealth Games. Two Gold medals were won, while three each medal of silver and bronze were won. We will take a look at the details of the medal winners down below.

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Commonwealth Games: Medal winners

NameSport EventMedal
Arshad NadeemJavelin ThrowGOLD
Nooh Dastgir ButtWeightliftingGOLD
Zaman AnwarMen’s freestyle Wrestling (125 kg)SILVER
Muhammad InamMen’s freestyle Wrestling (86 kg)SILVER
Mohammad Sharif TahirMen’s freestyle Wrestling (74 kg)SILVER
Inayat UllahMen’s freestyle Wrestling (65 kg)BRONZE
Ali AsadMen’s freestyle Wrestling (57 kg)BRONZE
Shah Hussain ShahJudo (90 kg)BRONZE

Commonwealth Games: Details of the Medal winners

Arshad Nadeem (GOLD)

Pakistan’s star Javelin Thrower Arshad Nadeem came into the tournament while directly qualifying for the Commonwealth Games Final. Originally, he was set to feature in the qualifying round on August 5. But his fellow competitor Indian star Neeraj Chopra had to pull out due to injury resulting in Arshad’s direct qualification.

In Tokyo 2021 Olympics, Nadeem failed to win the competition. But this time, he was determined to win gold in the Javelin Throw. Arshad was outstanding, beating the likes of the West Indies duo of Anderson Peters and Keshorn Walcott.

Arshad produced a Commonwealth Games record effort by managing a 90.18m throw. This is the best throw by a player from south Asia. It brought immense joy to the whole nation with Nadeem being one of the two Pakistan participants to win gold in the CWG 2022. 

What was an even more wholesome moment was when Neeraj Chopra congratulated Arshad Nadeem on winning and setting up a new record on Arshad’s Instagram account.

Nooh Dastgir Butt (GOLD)

Weightlifter Nooh Dastagir Butt was the first to win the gold for Pakistan in the CWG 2022.

Butt, on his way to win the gold award, broke the Commonwealth Games record. He lifted 173kgs in snatch and 232kgs in clean and jerk to finish with a total of 405kgs. 

Butt spoke before the final that he did not want to disappoint his father by winning either bronze or silver. He wanted to get his hands on the big award. 

“My father was really upset with me the last time I won bronze, he didn’t talk to me for a while, so my goal is to do better now. I just have one request. I want a lot of prayers from my fellow Pakistanis for this event.”

Nooh Dastgir won bronze in the 2018 Games. However, this time, the weightlifter made his nation very proud in winning the big one.

Zaman Anwar (SILVER)

In the Men’s freestyle 125 kg wrestling competition, Zaman Anwar finished as the second best in that category and won the silver medal. 

He defeated Kensley Marie of Mauritius in the Quarter-Final and then later Mandhir Kooner of England in the Semi-Final. However, Anwar lost the Final to Canada’s Amar Dhesi. 

Muhammad Inam (SILVER)

In the Men’s freestyle 86 kg wrestling competition, Muhammad Inam finished as the second best in that category and won the silver medal. 

Inam started off from the Round of 16. He defeated Scotland’s Kieran Malone and then defeated Jayden Lawrence of Australia in the Quarter-Final. In the Semi-Final, he beat Edward Lessing of South Africa. 

He met India’s Deepak Punia in an India-Pakistan final. Unfortunately, Inam lost the Final and brought home the silver.

Mohammad Sharif Tahir (SILVER)

In the Men’s freestyle 74 kg wrestling competition, Sharif Tahir finished as the second best in that category and won the silver. 

Tahir defeated John Vake of Tunga in the round of 16 before defeating Jasmit Phulka of Canada in the Quarter-Final. Tahir then later defeated Cole Hawkins of New Zealand in the Semi-Final. 

However, in yet another India-Pakistan final where Tahir battled Naveen Malik, he lost the Final.

Inayat Ullah (BRONZE)

In the Men’s freestyle 65 kg wrestling competition, Inayat Ullah with the bronze medal. 

Starting from the round of 16, Inayat Ullah defeated Adam Vella of Malta. Following his qualification, he defeated Amas Daniel of Nigeria in the Quarter-Final. In the Semi-Final round, Inayat Ullah lost to Lachlan McNeil of Canada. 

In the battle for the bronze, Inayat Ullah battled Scottish wrestler Ross Connelly and won the bronze medal match.

Ali Asad (BRONZE)

In the Men’s freestyle 74 kg wrestling competition, Ali Asad won the bronze medal for Pakistan. 

Asad defeated England’s Harvey Ridings in the round of 16 before defeating Romio Goliath of Namibia in the Quarter-Final. Asad was then later got defeated by Ravi Kumar Dahiya of India in the Semi-Final. 

To win the bronze medal final, Ali Asad defeated New Zealand’s Suraj Singh to claim the 3rd prize.

Shah Hussain Shah (BRONZE)

Pakistan’s JUDO Star Shah Hussain Shah was defeated in the Semi-Final. However, in the Bronze medal match, Hussain Shah was victorious as he defeated Thomas Laszle Breytenbach of South Africa.

Green Team congratulates all the medal winners. 

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