Lala Strikes Back: Shahid Afridi Silences Najam Sethi’s Criticism Over Sacking of Babar Azam

Since the appointment of Najam Sethi, every day there is a rumour about the sacking of Babar Azam as an all-format captain. There were many rumours after PSL that Najam Sethi will sack Babar Azam as Pakistan team captain. For the Afghanistan series, he was given a rest. Before the announcement of the squad against New Zealand, rumours were reemerging that Shaheen or Rizwan will be the new captain, but all rumours were proven wrong after the announcement of the squad against New Zealand.

Najam Sethi Reveals Details on the Sacking of Babar Azam:

In a recent interview, Najam came forward to talk about the sacking of Babar Azam. He said that the recently formed interim selection committee planned to replace star batter Babar Azam as the skipper of the national team. The interim selection committee was led by former Pakistan cricketer Shahid Afridi. The committee was formed before Pakistan’s home series against New Zealand, and Sethi reflected on the fact that before it was appointed, there were rumours of them wanting to sack Babar Azam as skipper.

Najam Sethi Interview with Waheed Khan

“We made an interim selection committee when we took charge. Before the selectors came on board, they told us that there would need to be some changes and Babar needed to be replaced as captain as well,” 

Shahid Afridi on Sethi’s comment about Babar’s captaincy:

Najam Sethi said that the selection committee wanted to sack Babar Azam as captain, The selection committee was headed by Shahid Afridi. According to Najam, the selection committee wanted to remove Babar Azam as captain and consequently, Fans raised questions about Shahid Afridi. Lala was clear that Najam didn’t point him

“I spoke with Mr. Najam Sethi who was kind enough to confirm he was not referring to me while commenting about Babar Azam’s captaincy. He has further clarified this in his social media posts. This has put the matter to bed. All the best to Babar and his side for the series vs NZ”

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Najam Sethi’s further statement put the matter to rest:

Since the appointment of Najam, there were many rumours about the sacking of Babar Azam, After his recent statement fans were angry and started hashtags against him.

Najam posted a tweet and said;

“For months media and cricketing circles have been discussing the pros and cons of retaining Babar Azam as captain in all formats of the game. Since this decision is ultimately Chairman’s, I have sought the views of Selection Committees headed by Shahid Afridi and now Haroon Rashid,” 

“Both Committees thought the matter merited discussion but both later came to the conclusion that the status quo should be retained. I have subsequently publicly stated this position. In the final analysis, my decision will be subject to the success or failure of the status quo” 

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