Can India Defeat New Zealand for the First Time in ICC T20 World Cup

There are a lot of things going around in the Super-12 phase and the hype is only increasing. The ICC T20I World Cup has begun with unexpected results. The defending champion, West Indies, could only score 55 runs against England. India, the hot favorites, lost their opening game against arch-rival Pakistan. They have begun their journey with a loss that might impact their upcoming games. India’s next game is against New Zealand. They are ready to win their first match of the tournament while New Zealand eyeing its first T20I World Cup trophy. But the question is “Can India Defeat New Zealand for the First time?” If yes, then “How?”

Can India Defea New Zealand: A Look at Stats

India’s defeat against Pakistan has only pumped the Indian captain Virat and he is ready to take on New Zealand. In the ICC T20I World Cup history, the men in blue have faced Kiwis twice only. And unfortunately for Kohli and co, they have not won a single game. 

India defeat New Zealand

In the T20I World Cup of 2007, the match between India and New Zealand saw the latter winning by 10 runs only. Kohli and chaps were all set to beat the Blackcaps in the T20I World Cup of 2016. But in reply to 126, they got all out on 79.

Apart from the ICC tournaments, both countries have played 16 T20I matches. The men in blue have beaten Kiwis in 8 matches. While New Williamson’s team has also won 8 matches. This shows that Kohli’s men are very much capable of defeating New Zealand and vice versa. Read the full stats between the two countries.

Can Conditions Favour India Defeating New Zealand

The UAE pitches are not foreign for many of the teams participating in the T20I World Cup 2021. Certainly not for the mentioned participants. India has played a total of 146 matches, out of which it has won 89. Out of these they have lost 50 with 7 matches that were either tied or ended without any result.

Black Caps, on the other hand, have played 150 matches. Out of these 150, they have won 73 matches, lost 65, 8 were tied and 4 went undecided. Albeit the difference is not stark but the win percentage weighs more towards the Indian side

Dubai Ring of Fire

What gives India an edge is a fact that IPL has concluded just days before the start of the tournament. This means the entire Indian team is well adjusted to the pitch conditions. The IPL experience will help them acclimatize to the environment the opposition will create.

India’s Top Three Batters Would be Crucial

Indeed, “India defeat New Zealand” sounds logical if their top-3 performs well. In the last decade, their top order has performed exceptionally well. Many of the matches they won because of their top-order performances. Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul, and Virat Kohli can outperform any team in any condition. The role of three of them will be critical for the team’s performance in the ongoing event.

Indian Top Order

It would be interesting that if the top order is unable to score runs then how will their middle/lower order build the innings.

India’s Loss Might Halt Journey for Them.

It is known to all that the T20I format is unpredictable. It is always difficult to predict which team is going to win. However, India’s record against Kiwis is not welcoming. “If India defeat New Zealand” becomes impossible for Kohli and co, it might be a curtain for them. Because it would be the second consecutive loss for the Indian Team. Moreover, it would be impossible for them to qualify for the final four. 

New Zealand team

In addition to that, in upcoming games, Kohli’s boys will play against Afghanistan. In 20-overs cricket, Afghanistan is one of the deadliest squads. Indeed, the Indians will be under pressure against the Blackcaps. Despite the fact that the Indian Team has one of the best squads in the tournament, it still would be difficult to defeat Williamson’s army.

After the win of Pakistan against New Zealand, the slot of the semi-final is pretty much done for Pakistan. Now, it will be a do-or-die situation between India and New Zealand. 

The two teams go head to head on 31st October. Will Kohli be able to change the  T20I World Cup stats for India or will New Zealand’s captain cool be able to dominate? All of this will be decided this Sunday. May the best team wins!

Written by Okasha Khan and Irum Firdous

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