Oscar-winner Sharmeen Obaid’s documentary on Pakistan Cricket

Pakistani-Canadian film-maker and Oscar-winner Sharmeen Obaid has partnered with Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to highlight the journey of Pakistan Cricket for the past 70 years as a documentary. 

The movie has focused on high and low times of Cricket in Pakistan starting from their first-ever match in 1952 against India until the current time. Fans had a chance to see rare cricket moments and footage when cricket was being expressed through the radios. 

Some important moments have been included are Pakistan’s victory in the 1992 Cricket World Cup, 2009 T20 World Cup, and the 2017 Champions Trophy. Apart from the ICC events, other important can be memorable series wins in SENA countries. This also includes the Pakistan Super League, one of the most-viewed franchise cricket competitions. 

The movie has been screened on numerous media, as well as in the stadiums during the PSL. 

Sharmeen Obaid and her thoughts on the documentary

Sharmeen Obaid was delighted to play a huge role in this scheme. She stated that Pakistan’s cricket passion cannot be matched by anyone. 

“As a fan of our team, I too have gone through the rollercoaster of emotions that are a trademark of our association with this sport. Therefore, it was a joy to be able to tell this story and share it with the world.”

Sharmeen Obaid also stated that the documentary paid a tribute to those names who put Pakistan’s name on the world of sports and those cricketers who made sure that no major event in cricket is completed without the Green Team. 

PCB Chairman Rameez Raja was excited and he found the documentary to be “both a moment of pride and nostalgia.” He said that his personal journey was entangled with cricket and was blessed to represent his country by contributing positively in various roles to Pakistan. The film narration will be done by him.

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