Green Team 2022 Management Announced

Green Team is among the leading sports platform in the country. We aim to grow with the same promise of delivering and promoting sports in Pakistan and beyond.

About Green Team

Our success has not popped up overnight. But, the forum was first founded in 2012 by Adeel Aftab. It all started from a Facebook page and gradually saw the tides rising. 

Hassan Ahmed, the current Chief Executive Officer of the Green Team, has been operating since the team’s inception alongside Shahzaib Ali Bhutto who served the forum for a long tenure as the Media Manager. The duo functioned excellently in making Green Team a top-notched sporting label, followed by top sporting personalities and officials.

Later on, Green Team welcomed Faizan Hayat Khan in 2014, Saad Ishtiaq Satti in 2015, Hassam Sajjad & Sohail Salam in 2016, Javed Iqbal in 2018, Zainab Shafiq in 2019, and Anas Chishty in 2020. The following members have been working hard in their respective departures, making Green Team rise every day to an extent.

Today, we have over 1 million followers in total across all leading social media channels, including Facebook (900K), Twitter (9.5K), Instagram (200k), Tiktok (47K).

Our Mission

Our mission has always been to promote all sports in Pakistan, and we have been playing the role with immense dedication in promoting the positive image of Pakistan sports in the darkest times. Green Team advanced Pakistan domestic cricket when no digital stage existed.

Over the years, Green Team has seen around a hundred people willing to work acknowledging the forum’s hype. Since it is the new year, Green Team, with old goals and new plans, has updated and broadened its management for 2022.

To engage the audience, Green Team has worked on several shows, conducted interviews of the stars – The Quarantine Show welcomed, for example, Tennis star Aisam ul Haq, Indian columnist Vikrant Gupta, Pakistan’s wicket-keeping batsman Kamran Akmal, PCB Director Sami ul Hasan Burney, previous Pakistani captain Sarfaraz Ahmed, alongside numerous different authorities and players from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). Green Team has likewise been convenient with advancing local and U-19 cricketers who barely pick media’s assessment.

That is not it, we have hosted multiple cricketing events. Have a read here.

We are growing and moving towards professionalism, and it has been an excellent opportunity for all of us to learn and improve. It has helped us in our careers as we got precious experience working on a platform of this scale.

Green Team Management 2022

We have a core team that takes every strategic decision and handles the decision-making of the process.

The Core Team consists of 4 members; Hassan Ahmed, the Chief Executive Officer, Faizan Hayat Khan the Chief Marketing Officer, Saad Ishtiaq Satti the Chief Media Officer, and Sohail Salam the Chief Creative Officer. 

However, Faizan & Saad has been dominantly directing and moderating the operational teams under the Core with input from Hassan & Sohail.

For the year 2022, under the Core, we have promoted Anas Chishty as Digital Media Manager. He was promoted as social media head in 2021 for his exceptional performance. This year, we encourage him as a digital media manager for his excellent leadership skills.

The four Teams; Web Team under Zainab Shafiq, Social Media Team under Waqas Shah, Graphics Team under Hizbullah Sahito, and Green Team Sports under Mustafa Aziz will be managed by Anas.

Social MediaGraphicsWebGreen Team Sports
Waqas Shah (TL)Hizbullah (TL)Zainab Shafiq (TL)Mustafa Aziz (TL)
Ibtaihaj YousufMustafa AzizManahil SaeedSyed Huzaifa 
Moied Rashid ButtIbtaihaj YousufFaraz WattoAliyan Khan
Zeenat ShahidAbdul RazaAshar Ali KhanAbdul Raza 
Ashar Ali KhanAliyan KhanIrum Firdaus
Abdul Raza
Okasha Khan
Rohail Ramzan Ali
Moied Rashid Butt
Zunair Rasheed
Aliyan Khan

Along with Anas, we have Hassam Sajjad as the Cricket Correspondent of Green Team, Javed Iqbal as Statistician, and Danial Sohail who has been promoted from intern to web developer.

Our Facebook Group

Moreover, we also manage a sports community which was founded on 10th July 2014. Its purpose is to unite sports enthusiasts from all over the world. The platform encourages discussions, analysis, and participation of members in various quizzes, contests, online leagues, and much more in a healthy and civilized environment. 

It is managed under the leadership of Faizan Hayat Khan and Saad Ishtiaq Satti for the past few years with 4 managers: Abeer Ullah for Operations, Samia Shaikh for Human Resource, Moeez Abid for External Relations, and Muhib Siddiqi for Creatives.

Green Team Sports: New Iniative

In our journey to become a sporting giant on a top-level, we also launched Green Team sports. Its motive is to cover all sports other than cricket following our mission to update sports lovers and unite them on a forum. 

Get in Touch

Feel free to contact us for any queries. Join us to get experience from our experts. Keep following Green Team and do not forget to share your feedback on our work. 

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