Exclusive Interview with Chairman Muzaffarabad Tigers Arshad Khan Tanoli

Kashmir Premier League embarked on the cricket map in August 2021. It was on the headlines in both India and Pakistan but for different reasons. Pakistanis celebrated the inaugural season of KPL while Indians opposed the league. Six franchises participated in the first season of KPL. Among them, the team that was in the spotlight of fans was Muzaffarabad Tigers as it represented the capital of Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

Successful Strategy of Muzaffarabad Tigers

Muzaffarabad Tigers’ branding strategy became so successful that they were able to secure the most number of sponsors and partners in a very short period of time among all the franchises. That was only possible because of the great vision of the owner of the franchise Arshad Khan Tanoli.

Green Team was honored to directly interview the man behind the success of the Muzaffarabad Tigers brand. The team not just outperformed in the tournament and ended up second in a very close encounter with rival Rawalakot Hawks, but also had the most active presence on digital media. Muzaffarabad Tigers to date have the highest following on all social media platforms and enjoy a very big fan following across the entire country.

Interview with Chairman Muzaffarabad Tigers Arshad Khan Tanoli

In an exclusive Interview with Mr. Arshad Khan Tanoli, we learned about some amazing and interesting plans for Tigers of KPL that the chairman has.

Green Team (GT): Will we see Arshad Khan Tanoli investing in more leagues like Pakistan Junior League, Football, or Hockey Leagues?

Arshad Khan Tanoli (AKT): Yes, definitely I am very passionate about games. Cricket is in my blood and I have shown my interest in PCB projects but I will love to engage in activities related to football and hockey. Because I believe sports need our support and I am always ready to play my part.

GT: How soon can we expect an international product like Umran Malik from Kashmir through KPL?

AKT: KPL has already produced Zaman khan in the very first season and I am sure we will be getting more cricket starts in upcoming seasons because there is so much hidden talent who is just looking for opportunities.

GT: Do you have any plans to launch a player development program in Kashmir similar to Lahore Qalander’s PDP?

AKT: Of course, we want to establish a network of international-level cricket academies across Kashmir. The first of its kind in Muzaffarabad is already under process. We have asked the authorities there for some suitable place. Moreover, we have already started different tournaments in different cities of AJK to explore young talented cricketers. Secondly, we have organized a few tournaments already during the first year of the franchise. We are also going for trails before the season to groom and polish a few new faces.

GT: As a franchise owner, what are your expectations from KPL and its management?

AKT: KPL is a brand now, and it got the attention of cricket fans and also of cricket experts around the globe. Even after its inaugural season, so much more is coming and soon this league will be among the top 3,4 top leagues in the world, all we need to stick to is transparency and merit.

GT: If you get to buy a PSL Team, what would name that team?

AKT: It would be Kashmir Tigers.

GT: If you could choose any international current player to play for Muzaffarabad Tigers who would you choose?

AKT: It would be Rashid khan as I believe he is a superstar of the game. A very passionate young talented cricketer.

GT: What is your message for PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja?

AKT: Ramiz is doing a wonderful job. He has fought Pakistan’s case so well in the cricketing world. I as an owner of Muzaffarabad Tigers sending him an invitation to come for KPL and give us a chance of hospitality.

Good Luck Tigers

We would like to thank Mr. Arshad Khan Tanoli for giving his precious time. Green Team as the digital partner of Muzaffarabad Tigers is proud of the franchise and its success. We wish them all the best for the second season starting in August 2022.

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