Green Team Allies With Muzaffarabad Tigers as Official Social Media Partner

The Kashmir Premier League (KPL) inaugural release is set to run in Muzaffarabad from 6th to 17th August, and the fans anticipate cheering for their ideal franchises. Muzaffarabad Tigers is the biggest franchise representing the capital of Azad Jammu & Kashmir.

KPL 2021 will mark the presence of six teams named Muzaffarabad Tigers, Kotli Lions, Bagh Stallions, Rawalakot Hawks, Mirpur Royals, and Overseas Warriors whilst having credentials from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

About Green Team

Green Team, Pakistan’s leading sports forum, embraces one of the franchises, Muzaffarabad Tigers, as its official social media partner for the KPL 2021. 

Notably, Green Team has been serving Pakistan Cricket since 2012. Emanating from scratch, when no portal existed to proffer an upper hand to the realm’s domestic cricket, Green Team contributed a brighter light to the format with its active assistance in coverage on and off-field. 

The rising digital sporting platform has over a million followers across all its social media. Since its induction, it not only has interviewed multiple local and international cricketers but has approached other athletes and big names from the world of sports. 

Green Team is well-honed to serve similar services with similar dedication to the Muzaffarabad Tigers too. 

About Muzaffarabad Tigers

The star Tigers’ crew, owned by a renowned businessman and real estate developer CEO Islamabad Associates, Mr Arshad Khan Tanoli, has been endeavouring sponsors to assist the upcoming matches that promote the sports ventures in the region.

Tanoli owned franchise is also striving to advance the local talent of Kashmiri youth by instating a cricket academy in Muzaffarabad, accommodating Kashmiri players to gain the limelight.

Muzaffarabad Tigers Squad in KPL 2021
Squad of Muzaffarabad Tigers

His objective is to highlight the Kashmir cause manifesting solidarity with the community alongside formulating a delicate image across the borders as well. We, the Green Team cannot abide more to render our ministrations for the Kashmiri T20 league.

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