PHSL 2022: Hockey in Pakistan “all set for a new start”

Pakistan’s national sport is ready to get a new makeover in the shape of THE MAX, also known as Pakistan Hockey super league (PHSL 2022), Pakistan’s first-ever franchise-based hockey tournament. In a press release, the President of the Pakistan Hockey Federation Mr. Khalid Sajjad  Khokar termed it a “milestone” for the hockey governing body in the country.

PHF’s aim behind bringing THE MAX aka PHSL 2022

Senior advisor to Pakistan’s first-of-its-kind hockey tournament Mr. Salman Sarwar Butt, names The Max as a big deal for hockey’s growth and revival in the country. This tournament is considered one of the master plans of the hockey federation to bring Pakistan’s hockey back to the level it was at in the mid-20th century.

Mr. Salman, who also was a part of Pakistan Super League’s management in 2012 when it was presented initially, has stated that THE MAX is a 50m$ product with great potential for a huge boost in the future.

In a further statement, he said, “When I give you this number, I’m taking into account all the revenue streams, which include both central and franchise revenue streams.”

He also reminded the media that PSL was initially estimated as a 100 million dollar product which now stands at 250 million USD in just a short period of 7 years.

What to expect from this budding league PHSL 2022 at the moment?

The media reports say that the league’s first season will be completely hosted by the National hockey stadium Lahore and players from Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, and India are being contacted to take part in this pro hockey tournament. According to senior advisor The Max, The franchises will be named after cities including Lahore, Peshawar, Karachi, Quetta, and Islamabad. The number of teams remains flexible as it will increase with the growth of the league. 

Regarding broadcasters and other commercial dealings, the PHF media has given a signal to provide and public with full details in the coming few days.

Remember, this is the first step taken by PHF after Pakistan’s unfortunate exit from the Asia cup 2022, which also killed Pakistan’s hopes to qualify for Hockey World Cup next year.

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