The Hero-Villian Story, ft. Babar Azam and Pakistan Media

Pakistan Media and its love with controversial entries and exits is a better love story than twilight. This time the arrows are on all format skipper Babar Azam.

The spice was already there after Ramiz Raja’s reign was cut short by a constitutional revision in PCB and Najam Sethi was appointed as  Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket board. But to no surprise, there was a specific set of the community who was just waiting for the controversy to happen and they were all set to put some oil into the burning woods. 

Pakistan’s captain, Babar Azam, is the new target of such outlets and it feels that specific backend support has been provided to ensure the strengthening of their voices against the skipper.

The panning of the plan, how it’s happening?

The ouster of Mr. Raja caused many to believe that this will also end the era of Babar Azam as captain and that Najam Sethi and co will swap the captaincy roles as soon as possible but that didn’t happen. The pointed fingers then became the pointed voices in the media room of the National Bank Cricket Arena in Karachi which started testing the temperament of the Pakistan captain. Controversial and contextual questions were being asked from Babar post-New Zealand test series with Sarfaraz Ahmed’s exclusion being the most offending one. The media persons kept on playing the “Karachi Card” and tried to put pressure on the skipper to make him accept the guilt of the ex-captain’s removal. 

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The reality of the “No repent” answer.

A video was made viral by a specific set of people to play a defamatory act on the captain in which his part of the reply was cropped to portray him as he didn’t respect Sarfaraz Ahmed.

The journo asked Babar whether he felt that the removal of Sarfaraz from the team was a wrong move or not in response the only response shown in the video is “Koi Pachtawa Nahi” i.e. “there’s no repent.

The story was revealed by Farid Khan, a prominent sports journalist, on his Twitter handle 

A thread to follow:

The Babar Azam-Sarfaraz bonding, a lovable picture

It’s seen by every eyeball and heard by every ear that even Babar has often called the ex-captain as his “Kaptaan” and many present stars still thank Sarfaraz for his amazing leadership guidance.

In the recent press conference when asked about the question of captaincy, Sarfaraz replied that Babar Azam is our captain and we should support him.

The fact was also endorsed by Shan Masood while talking to a private news channel.

The #StayStrongBabarAzam campaign

To respond to the unnecessary criticism and to stand with the captain, the fans started the #StayStrongBabarAzam trend and tried to give a clear shut-up call to all standing against Babar and doubting his abilities. It’s worth mentioning that this trend remained in the top 3 around the country.

Dr. Nauman Niaz also took to Twitter and supported Babar Azam’s presence as captain

Avinash Aryan, an Indian sports journalist took to his Twitter supporting Babar Azam against this pre-made propaganda against him

Other Local and international stars have also come out in support of Babar Azam

Babar Azam, 56- The Pride of Pakistan. 

Green Team promotes fair sports journalism and believes in criticizing only the required loopholes and makes clear to its readers that it has no relation with any agenda that’s being run against the skipper.

We believe in one team, one dream motto and for now, Babar Azam is leading that dream and deserves complete support.

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