Here is Why Selecting T20 Player in Test Team is a Bad Idea

There is very much a traditionalist debate that T20 is ‘ruining’ cricket and t20 players who prefer the lucrative t20 format for tests should not be allowed to play in the latter format. A T20 player’s performance holds no significance as a testimonial of a green chit for players to play the red ball format.

We will try to understand how a t20 player keeps no significance to being in the red ball format too.

4 overs Fitness can’t sustain a t20 player in the test format 

Man’s body physically and psychologically gets used to what he does daily. There is a huge amount of difference to bowl in tests and T20Is. Nowadays t20 series are preferred more than the test and one-day format. Apart from playing in those matches, players also play in leagues to give them worldwide exposure and a financial boast. 

The body takes time to get adjusted to the red ball format. We have seen several times that players when they make a sudden shift to this format, they get some injury. Naseem Shah and Haris Rauf are the most recent examples of that. After bowling in a brilliant world cup final, they were not able to manipulate well in test matches and got out of the crucial Pakistan-England series. 

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A sudden change of approach is needed for the T20 Player in the test Cricket 

T20 Cricket is all about bowling different sorts of deliveries and playing multi-dimensional shorts but the test format is not as such. In this format, the bowler needs plenty of patience and has to stick to his line and length and wait for a batsman to make a mistake. The same goes for the batsman, he has to survive the best of deliveries and has to punish a weak ball. 

A complete change in approach is needed to be successful. We have seen several players who don’t take part in T20Is to keep themselves focused on the red ball format. James Anderson, Joe Root, Stuart broad, tom Blundell, deal Elgar, Kemar roach, and Kraig Braithwait are living examples of it. The proverb”Jack of all trades”doesn’t work efficiently in Cricket. 

Domestic Players get robbed of their opportunities when t20 players are in test format too 

Domestic Players toil hard in the respective red ball trophies to make it into the international team but usually, they can’t make it so. The T20 format gathers a lot of seasonal cricket fans as we get results and felicity both in the course of a few hours so those seasons’ audiences Judge the other format based on T20Is.

They make a trend on social media for those t20 format players to be in the red as a spell of few good balls is engraved in their minds. It puts a lot of pressure on the selection system. We have seen so many Pakistan domestic players not getting opportunities as the selection committee selects the fan’s favourite team for the test format too. Mir Hamza, Usman Salahuddin, Tabish Khan, and Kamran Ghulam are some of the quotable examples. 

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