Reasons why Haris Rauf should only be confined to white ball Cricket?

Pakistan’s pace sensation Haris Rauf has had a brilliant though late start to his white ball Career. He has been a consistent performer for Pakistan in the limited overs format and as it is common in the selection procedure of Pakistan that the one who brands in one format either becomes eligible for the other two formats or it becomes compulsory for him to play the rest of the formats to have his Place cemented in that format. 

Haris is a prepared bowler and has a pace with the accuracy of line and length, he is no longer a bowler with raw pace. With that being said, we will discuss why Haris should not be used much in red ball format. 

It’s hard to find the designated pace bowler as a replacement for Haris Rauf 

 To keep Cricket attractive and lucrative, ICC plans the schedule of white ball cricket in such a way that any World cup or trophy comes in nearly every year. Haris Rauf’s presence in the squad becomes very vital in terms of this. So in case of any injury or mishap due to playing red-ball Cricket can lead to the exodus of Haris Rauf from the squad. 

Currently, if we examine the domestic Cricket of Pakistan then it becomes foolproof that there are not many bowlers who have that much pace with accuracy too. There can be bowlers with higher pace than him or Better lines and lengths than him but there will be no one with the amalgamation of both things.

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How good other Countries manage the schedule of Fast bowlers 

Lockie Ferguson is one the finest examples of a bowler with a white ball specialty. He has given all his potential to be a bowler with brilliance and experience in the white ball format to make his test debut but Nz cricket Management soon realized that this Lad will not get them going in the red ball  So they locked up him to the white ball.

One exceptional case is of Mark wood playing all three formats but a comparison can never be drawn with Haris Rauf’s one. England’s quick has missed nearly this entire summer session of England and he has played whenever there was an utmost need for the team to play. Though one of the fastest bowlers is playing all three formats, the gap he is getting with nearly no league schedule is what keeps him ready for doing so. 

Rauf’s Debut is a clear picturization of how his future should be.

Pakistan’s surveillance of their fast bowlers has come under increased scrutiny this season. Shaheen Shah Afridi was unable to play any Test cricket following an injury he picked up during the T20 World Cup final, while Haris Rauf picked up niggle that kept him out of the majority of the series against England and New Zealand. 

Keeping all this scenario in mind it looks pretty sure that the management of Pakistan will not be considering adding Haris again in the red ball with the interim chief Selector vowing to have two specialist bowlers only reserved for test matches. 

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