Why are Pakistani Cricketers unlikely to play Legends League Cricket (LLC)?

The second edition of the Legends League Cricket (LLC) is set to be played in six different cities in India. Players from other countries including the hosts will be participating in the second edition of the tournament.

The first season of the league was played in January early this year in Muscat and Oman between three teams, India Maharajas, World Giants and Asia Lions  – they played seven games, and World Giants was led by Darren Sammy.

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When Legends League Cricket(LLC) season 2 will start?

But now, in the second season of the Legends League Cricket (LLC), four teams participating in this edition and 15 matches will be between these legends teams. The teams include Kolkata, Lucknow, Delhi, Jodhpur, Cuttack and Rajkot. The tournament kicks off from September 17 to October 8.

Legends League Cricket (LLC) Season 2 features a long list of former Pakistan cricketers, including Shoaib Akhtar, Misbah-ul Haq, Shahid Afridi and many more, including from Asia and the World XI teams.

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What was the major issue?

But now, the major issue before the organisers is visa availability for former Pakistan cricketers, who are also set to take part in the competition. Questions arise: Has the BCCI or the Government of India changed its stance on its cricketing ties with Pakistan?

Notably, India and Pakistan haven’t played a bilateral series since 2013 when Pakistan visited India for a white ball series, and after that for almost a decade now, they just face each other in Asia Cup and ICC tournaments because of political issues between the two nations. The Indian Premier League (IPL) also doesn’t allow Pakistan players to take part except in the inaugural edition of the league in 2008.

The factor of visa is supposed to be a significant issue that could see the Pakistani players miss out on the upcoming Legends League Cricket (LLC) season. It was not an issue in the first season of the competition as it was played in Muscat.

What did Officials say about Pakistani Players?

BCCI has no role in the tournament or visas. When questioned by another official, BCCI official told the IANS news agency that he couldn’t say much about this. If Pakistani cricketers get a visa from our government, they will play, otherwise, they won’t play.

“I can’t say much. If Pakistani cricketers get a visa from our government, then they will play if not, then no. We (BCCI) have no role in the tournament or visa things,” the official told IANS.

Another official questioned, “how can Pakistan’s players be allowed to play on Indian soil when we have no cricketing ties with Pakistan? I am sure they will not get a visa.”

Thus, it will be interesting to see the government of India’s stance on giving visas to Pakistani players for Legends League Cricket (LLC) edition 2, particularly when the country doesn’t have bilateral cricketing ties with the adjoining country.

The other factor?

The other factor maybe is that the Government of India and BCCI have strongly objected to and condemned the organising of the Kashmir Premier League (KPL) and have banned all cricketers playing in KPL from playing any type of cricket in India.

It is also noticeable that many Pakistani cricketers, both former and current, many of whom are playing in the League, are strong supporters and promoters of the Kashmir Premier League (KPL).

That’s why Pakistani Cricketers are unlikely to play Legends League Cricket(LLC) season 2.

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