Who Will Play Shoaib Akhtar in his Biopic Rawalpindi Express?

Pakistan’s very own speed gun Shoaib Akhtar is all set to get an international biopic, as announced by the pacer a few days ago. Akhtar, who knows more ways to stay in the public eye, often comes up with controversial statements that draw the ire of cricket fans all around. But this time around, the bowler is getting the right kind of attention and a well-deserved one. 

Biopic of Shoaib Akhtar

Announcing Shoaib Akhtar’s biopic, the 46-year-old took to Twitter to announce the commencement of the mega project titled “ RAWALPINDI EXPRESS – Running against the odds”, sharing a 24-second clip. The elated bowler declared that his fans would witness something they had never seen before.

While the fact that the pacer will be the first sportsman from Pakistan to get an international biopic made, not much has been said about who will play the main role in the film. It is unclear if Shoaib Akhtar will himself play the role of a Pakistani/international actor is hired. Not only this, nothing has been said about the commencement of the mega project. 

However, many speculations revolve around that a Hollywood superstar, well-known in his area, will play Shoaib Akhtar’s biopic. Akhtar personally want Bollywood Khan Salman Khan to play the lead but with political tensions with India, it is nearly impossible to see this happening.

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Shoaib Akhtar: Career and Retirement

With 178 ODI and 247 Test wickets, the fast bowler is one of the most favourites and admired cricketers, not only in Pakistan but throughout the cricketing world. Akhtar’s most celebrated performance came in World Cup 2003 against England when he clocked 161.3 kph, sending shivers and shock waves across the cricket world. His record for the fastest delivery remains unbeaten to date. 

Shoaib Akhtar’s biopic is to be released because he made a big impact during his career. He announced his retirement from international cricket after the 2011 World Cup. His retirement was catalyzed by injuries that kept him more on the bench and less on the field. He underwent many knee surgeries during his career that eventually forced him to call it quits earlier than many in the cricket fraternity had anticipated. All of this makes his upcoming biopic worth the wait. 

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