The Breeze of Patriotism in Pakistan’s Dressing Room

Patriotism is a word for which every Pakistani lives and strives. Pakistan cricket team has a special place in the heart of every human being in the land of purity. The story of this team is even more intense and emotional than it seems.

The present environment of the dressing room is something that every person including the media and fans truly enjoys and cherishes.

What brought this change?

Ex-Pakistan spin bowling star and present head coach Saqlain Mushtaq indulged a habit of hoisting the national flag during every practice session which made the team feel proud and patriotic about their country. This also helped players to feel the “Pakistan First” feeling and changed their perspective of seeing cricket.

Pakistan cricket team adopted this hobby at the Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium when the team was preparing itself for the clash against the Kiwis. Unfortunately, the matches were called off but the hunger to win was there and it was depicted when the same team went to the T20 WC with the similar tactic of using a flag during the practice session and Patriotism in the dressing room.

Changes in playing tactics after this habit

Pakistan never looked back from victories since the adoption of this beautiful and worth-seeing hobby.

The biggest achievement to date remains the 10-wicket victory against arch-rivals India in the T20 World cup 2021. The green shirts have set a goal to fight till the last for the honor of Pakistan and this is what is making them win now and then nowadays. The star on the shirt now means life to the players.

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Role of Captain in changing dressing room environment

Apart from patriotism, another major reason for a cool and calm dressing room is the behavior of Babar Azam with the players and how he leads them on the field.

Babar Azam has been an inspiration for the players, the way he stands makes the players follow him.

No. 1 T20I and ODI player also shares candid relations and has great friendships with the players which helps them to get rid of their fear and play fearlessly under his captaincy

Pakistan’s national cricket team has seen a lot of chaotic moments in its journey to success but what seems now is that finally, the days of negativity are over as far as the dressing room is concerned.

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