When BCCI didn’t Pay Salaries to Cricketers on Time

The James Faulkner – PCB case left the Indian media in amusement, renaming Pakistan’s league as “PSL – Paisa Shortage League” and making a mockery of Faulkner’s false and misleading accusations of not being paid on time. But there was a time when the BCCI, the richest cricketing board, couldn’t pay on time to their cricketers, umpires, and commentators. Even their premier league IPL had failed to do in real, blames apart. Let’s go back to that history.

It is indeed displeasing for someone like James Faulkner to act immaturely and release his statement first in order to half cover up his misconduct with the PCB. But if that was the case where PCB wasn’t paying their cricketers on time, would PSL have had seven seasons? No other foreign cricketers would have this issue before. PSL has been treating their players rightfully and every cricketer has been witnessing since the league’s inception.

When BCCI let Bihar cricketers, Women’s Team inCcrisis

This took place in 2021 when the BCCI failed to pay their players from the senior teams of the states Under 19s and 23s. It was reported that they weren’t paid for two whole years dating back to 2019. 

Many young cricketers suffered losses. One of them was the then 21-year-old Prashant Singh from Bihar. The Under-23 player is the only breadwinner in his family. He stated;

“Every time I get a message on my phone I presume money has been deposited. Last year I had to get my elder sister married. I borrowed money, hoping to repay when I get match fees, I lost my father in 2016. I haven’t received money to date. Now my elder brother has tested positive for the coronavirus. I don’t know where I will get money from,”

Even the National Women’s Cricket Team who were not paid on cricket on time. 

Indian Women were the Runners-up in the 2020 Women’s T20 World Cup, having lost to Australia in the final. It was understood that Indian women cricketers had not received their prize money from the BCCI and it was over 12 months since the final was played. 

Another thing that was mentioned is that when the Indian board announced the yearly contracts for the women’s team, it was claimed that they were not paid their eight monthly salaries. Four of the cricketers missed out on the contract and were not be paid their salaries.

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Money on time? Brag Hodge slammed BCCI

Former Australia cricketer Brad Hodge had accused the IPL last year of not paying players who represented Kochi Tuskers Kerala in 2011. KTK was one of the five teams in IPL that was defuncted in the league. 

The Australian batter, who is also a World Cup winner, Hodge took no time in Tweeting the issue especially when the Indian board itself went in tatters. He tweeted:

KTK was one of the two teams, along with Pune Warriors India, that was added to the league before the auction took place in 2011. But both franchises ended up terminated following their failure to pay the bank 10% franchise fee. The matter ended up in court. 

Until today, neither the BCCI nor the IPL has responded to Hodge’s accusation on non-payment which was over ten years ago. For the richest board in the world, BCCI should have taken careful steps in avoiding such issues. But guess, what they are doing? Believing the fabricated lies of Faulkner, and mocking their arch-rivals – a childish act indeed.

Deccan Chargers, RCB also involved one time

Similarly, back in 2012, two other franchises in IPL Deccan Charger and Royal Challengers Bangalore were guilty of not paying their players on time. At that time, both Indian players and foreign players were paid only 15% of the salary. 

SACA chief, Tony Irish, was worried for the players;

“When players don’t get paid, it’s always a concern. There are five players from South Africa that, as of now, we know have not been paid by RCB and Deccan Chargers. Besides AB [de Villiers] and [Dale] Steyn, the likes of [JP] Duminy and [Juan] Theron are also on this list. We are in the process of collecting more information but at this stage not sure what process needs to be followed,”

Even some of the captions from other countries who were participating in the IPL had to write over 500 mails in order to get their payments. They had a delay of over six months. 

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