Waqar Younis Speaks up on his Resignation Story

There has been a lot to talk about since the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) unveiled its T20 World Cup 2021 squad. The scenario was fumed up, giving an extra glitch to talk about in the fraternity following Misbah ul Haq, Waqar Younis leaving their respective coaching roles an hour after the squad’s announcement. 

Back-to-back numerous statements from various sources have been portraying different stories since then. It was heard that the Misbah-Waqar duo was asked to resign after the T20 World Cup, but they left the spot instantly to avoid criticism following the critics-disapproved Wt20 squad. It is also believed that both of them did not have their say while choosing the team. A few understood that it was a forced resignation. 

The reason they immediately gave after dropping their vacancies was too bruised to consider. However, seeking enormous criticism means the former coaches now must be looking to clear the past incidents. Hence, Waqar Younis, who took charge of the green bowlers, may soon announce the ‘real reason’ behind retirement.

He says that before revealing the ‘accurate’ upshots, the media should ask the bowlers what they have learned from him. Waqar believes the pace lineup of green shirts has so far been enhanced than past. While already revealing a lot, he may soon consider opening upon his retirement

Opening up on Mohammad Amir’s critical scenario, the former mentor added that it was management’s decision to sack him following his mediocre showcases. 

“Fast Bowlers who are in the team right now should be asked what they’ve learnt from me. They will tell you the right story. Mohammad Amir was dropped from the team for his decline in performance, and it was not me but the selection committee who dropped him.”

Future of Waqar Younis

As the PCB, lead by Ramiz Raja as a chairman has hired two foreign coaches for the T20 World Cup. Waqar assumes plenty of local experienced cricketers could have been looked after for the post.

“Why always look towards foreign coaches? Wasim Akram has been a successful coach in PSL, and I want him to apply for a coaching role for Pakistan Team. Why doesn’t Aqib Javed applies for a coaching role for Pakistan as he has been with Lahore Qalandars.”

Moreover, he says that he is not the one who runs and will welcome any post that PCB will offer him. According to him, Pakistan’s fast-bowling lineup has been improved as the notable names of pacers have dominated the wicket-full areas. 

 “I will definitely apply for a job in PCB again whenever there comes any respective role because I’m not the one who runs away. It is easy to sit on TV and criticize. I believe one should get into the system of Pakistan Cricket and try to fix it.”

“No one will be more satisfied than me when it comes to coaching fast-bowlers. There were teenage fast-bowlers when Misbah and I took over the coaching panel, and if you analyze Shaheen/Naseem/Hasnain/Hasan etc., now they are taking five wickets and improved; as well.”

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