Pakistan’s New Fast Bowling Quartet

It’s no secret to anyone that Pakistan has always had an extremely talented group of Fast Bowlers. The likes of Shoaib Akhtar, Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Imran Khan, and so on. There seems to be that Pakistan’s new Fast Bowling quartet is more promising than expected. As the World Cup heads closer the excitement around fans is increasing since it’s being held in Australia notorious for its fast bowling.

Shaheen Shah Afridi (The Eagle)

There is no surprise as to who is on the list up first. The eagle is arguably the best bowler in the world with his mixture of pace and swing. He has perplexed batsmen into uncomfortable scenarios and is truly The men in green’s most potent weapon.

His unexpected Yorkers even get the best of the best and who can forget that peach of a ball to KL Rahul. 

Shaheen is one of the more experienced bowlers and will try to advise the bowlers following the list. He has to make sure to pick up early wickets. Hence he can set up the others to attack and pressurize the opponent into playing rash shots and giving up cheap wickets.

Naseem Shah (The Rising Star)

The surprise of the Asia cup, the newly reformed gem we have found through an unfortunate occasion. There are many words to describe the new talent in Pakistan. He and Shaheen make a deadly duo at the start of the innings. He is still raw and can work on many aspects. Who can forget his fighting performance on his debut with dealing with cramps we saw his amazing attitude towards the game.

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Then there was the memorable night of the game against Afghanistan. Where he managed to hit two unforgettable sixes to seal the game for the team. This will be remembered with the likes of Shahid Afridi against India and also the great Javed Miandad in the Sharjah Cup. He was quite exceptional in the final up to the death overs where he leaked too many runs. Something perhaps he needs to work on to improve further.

Haris Rauf (The Speed gun)

There are not many bowlers faster than our 150 kph machine. Haris Rauf burst onto the scene through the PSL and people started talking about this speedster. He came on to the international scene and initially struggled. He couldn’t control the line and length and it seemed as if he just wanted to bowl pace and not worry about controlling runs. This caused him to leak a huge amount of runs in his early career but the management had trust and backed him up.

Then during the ICC T20 World Cup in 2021, there seemed to be a new Haris Rauf. His mixture of slower ball cutters and bouncers saw his improvement and dedication to get better. He was unbelievable in that tournament and continued since. During the recent Asia cup, he was once again great and kept on bowling with an extreme pace. He even clocked at 153 kph which is quite outrageous. He has to work on bowling in the power play but that might be unnecessary due to the other three bowlers.

Muhammad Wasim JR (The Wildcard)

Unfortunately, Wasim Jr had sustained an injury during practice in preparation for the Asia cup. Hence he missed out on the tournament and lost a great opportunity to solidify himself as the next big thing. Still, he has done enough to sustain a starting XI position due to his variety of skills. He is quite handy with the bat and also can bowl up to 145 clicks. He can get the bowl to swing late which is quite dangerous on the pitches in Australia. 

He has to work on consistency though. As it’s been proven many times that the youngster must be able to take wickets and not leak too many runs every week. Though he has proven to be a match winner and performed well in the Netherlands series when in the last match he picked up four wickets. His success in areas like that proves his selection for the World Cup and hopefully can be a useful weapon alongside the other bowlers.

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