PSL Anthems and their Fans

Pakistan Super League (PSL) is not just a cricket season; it’s a season of happiness, joy, and celebration. When one sits down to reminisce about the PSL memories, it’s not the crucial matches that come to mind but all the drama and the fun elements associated with the league. More than anything else fans wait for it when it comes to the PSL anthem.

The PSL anthems have seen their own set of highs and lows over the years. While a few gathered much praise from the fans, others stirred controversy and caused them to divide. Sometimes the singers were brought under critique. Other times fans protested over a lack of spark. Let’s take a look at PSL anthems and how welcoming the fans have been towards them.

Season One PSL Anthem – Ab Khel Ke Dikha

Ab Khel Ke Dikha was the very first melody of the league. Sung by Zafar, it had all the right ingredients. The beat was catchy and energetic, and the music would uplift the mood instantly.

It was greatly welcomed and loved by fans. Young and old, everyone was found humming to its tune. It summed up the spirit the PSL was designed for.

The first season of the extravaganza was featured in UAE. It was heart-breaking for the Pakistani fans not to be able to witness their own league in their own stadiums. But this anthem reminded us that it’s the game we enjoy, and it’s the game that unites us regardless of its location.

Season Two PSL Anthem – Ab Khel Jamay Ga

After the success of the first PSL anthem, Zafar was called again to sing the second season anthem, and he did not disappoint.

The second song centred around reviving the happiness of PSL. The first season gave the fans so much happiness, and its end left them on the sadder side.

The song lyrics ‘Phir seeti bajay gi, stage sajay ga, aur tali bajay gi, ab Khel Jamay ga’ gave a boost to the saddened hearts. It reminded the fans that it’s that time of the year again where the stage will be set, and we’ll whistle, hum, clap and rejoice.

Needless to say, it was a massive success among the fans. The energetic music video showed the young, old, teens, and tweens getting ready for the celebrations. And it truly captured what every cricket fan felt.

The music video garnered 18 million views on youTube.

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Season Three PSL Anthem – Dil Say Jaan Laga Dain

The immense popularity of the first two songs caused the marketing heads to call Ali Zafar yet again. And yet again, he came up with a brilliant anthem.

This song had slightly low notes, but the theme, the melody and the lyrics did not disappoint. The theme had a similar connotation to the second season anthem, yet it talked about the happiness the marquee event leaves behind.

Few of its lyrics talk about how some teams will lose, a few will win, and then everyone will go home, leaving happiness for us to cherish. And this is precisely what happens.

The cricket fans were elated that Zafar gave them a song that resonated right with their feelings. Though a few questioned the relatively slow beat, the majority thoroughly enjoyed it. Zafar sure does know how to hit the right notes at the right time.

PSL Anthem for Season Four – Khel Deewano Ka

People at the headquarters thought to bring some change for the season four anthem. This time Fawad Khan and the Young Desi were called in for doing the honours of singing the anthem.

The song had a totally different tune and rhythm to what the fans were used to listening to from the first three seasons. The music video included many big names from the cricket fraternity and fans dancing around.

The song lyrics urged all the cricket-crazy and passionate fans to start preparing for the upcoming season. The rap by Young Desi added a twist to the whole theme.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the anthem brought mixed reactions from the fans. While many were downright disappointed, others embraced the sound change and the singers.

A particular group expressed displeasure over the artists’ change and reminisced about the old anthems.

Others were quick to welcome the new one and negate the haters

PSL Anthem for Season Five – Tayyar Hain 

Not one, not two, but four artists gathered up to create a loud, groovy, and energy-rich number for the fifth edition of the tournament. The Pepsi-sponsored anthem was laden with stars and high-on-passion youngsters.

Sung by Haroon, Asim Azhar, Ali Azmat and Arif Lohar, The anthem offered a variety in vocals, rhythm, tune and beat. It exuded the same energy as Shaheen Afridi’s first over spells.

The song title, also the slogan for the fifth season, ‘Tayyar hain’, meaning we are ready, suggested that the fans are excited and prepared to welcome the fifth season.

The fifth season was special because it was the first season that would entirely be played in Pakistan. The previous seasons were mainly/partially played in UAE. So the song title also meant that Pakistanis are ready to welcome PSL in Pakistan.

This song also divided the people. Like the previous ones, this one garnered positive and negative responses. Many people enjoyed the beat and said it perfectly covered the spirit of PSL. Others weren’t impressed and demanded Zafar be brought back forever. Read what the netizens had to say about the PSL 5 anthem

PSL Anthems for Season Six – Groove Mera

This is one of the PSL anthems that created the most controversy among cricket fans. It divided the music lovers like the border that divides Pakistan from India.

The song opens with Naseebo Laal hitting the long notes. Aima Baig then gives it a contemporary touch, and Young Stunners end it with their rap magic.

The song was about the crowd being at home this time instead of the ground. Because of the increase in the Covid-19 cases, minimum fans were allowed to come to the stadium to avoid the spread.

But despite this, it did not go well with the fans. Many questioned the inclusion of Naseebo Laal in the song. They said her vocals shouldn’t have been rendered to a piece belonging to the genre of sports.

Fans responded to the songs by making memes. Check out some of the hilarious memes.

Despite all the criticism, the song sounded pretty amazing when it played out in the stadium. It was a success, after all.

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