Money or country? Mohammad Amir Reveals Himself

Mohammad Amir is not a new trend. He has been on and off in media since he announced a ‘temporary announcement’ under his regime’s management of the board. However, this would not be unfair to say he is making headlines even before that – conspiracy to cheat at gambling; spot-fixing. 

Every time he appears in the news, it is something ‘latest’ with thrills to discuss about. From his sick relations with PCB to making himself available once again for national selection to denying the category A central contract recently offered by the board, there is a massive detailing to mention regard.

Is sympathy for a “youngster” is why Amir denied the central contract?

Notably, the board, seeking his availability for selection as per his announcement, offered him Category A Central Contract for domestic. The pacer, who has given memorable glitches to cricket devotees over the years, denied the gesture. He said the youngster, more deserving than him, can owe his contract to earn his bread and butter.

It is not the first time this thing has happened in the Pakistan Cricket fraternity. Mohammad Hafeez, and now Imad Wasim has opted-out for something similar. Nevertheless, Mohammad Amir’s scenario is entirely different.

After denial, reliable sources reported various statements coming from Mohammad Amir’s end. He urged that if he is not involved ‘currently’ in international cricket, he should not have been offered a contract for domestic cricket either. Notably, this statement came, although he recently made himself available for the national selection.

Opined, it looks like Amir anticipated a direct call-up to the international circuit rather than stepping to domestic first. Undeniably, once a player fails to perform or is away from cricket for a long span, he is dragged back to domestic to regain his form before donning the Pakistan National team’s jersey. 

Mohammad Amir opens up:

 “I would rather Pakistan Cricket Board gave my central contract to a young cricketer to help him. And so that he can support his family.” 

“If I’m not playing international cricket, then what’s the point of featuring in domestic cricket. They want to control me by offering this contract. But that’s not going to happen. PCB should have contacted me before including my name in the domestic contracts list,” said Mohammad Amir.

Despite opening up many times saying, “I play for Pakistan, not money”, he himself cleared that PCB should understand his rapture in league cricket.

“Maybe they [PCB] haven’t accepted the fact that I have retired from international cricket. It is why they take such steps. I’m enjoying playing league cricket and spending the rest of the time with my family.”

Amir offered Category A Central Contract despite PCB’s new policy of ‘No Fixers’

The query that now pops up is if the PCB chairman is against the idea of getting fixers in the squad. For example, Sharjeel went unchosen, then why Mohammad Amir was asked central contract, category A from PCB?

Here are fans’ views on the synopsis:

Many fans believe that Ramiz was not involved while finalizing the central contract for domestic season 2020-21. Now, another query rises from the statement. Devotees ask If Ramiz had his say in Pakistan T20 World Cup Squad selection, why did he not pull out Amir from the recently offered contract?

Others say that Ramiz earlier cleared involvement of players with a dull past in league, domestic cricket. But, he never wanted these players on the international circuit.

On the other hand, many people also understand that PCB, seeking this Wt20 squad, has systemized to grasp these players under their ‘charge’. It is because it depends upon the PCB to allow NCOC to its player for cricket tournaments. Amir, on the one hand, cannot let go of league cricket. 

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