3 Prestigious Records of Aleem Dar that No One Can Break

Aleem Dar, the highly acclaimed cricket umpire, has recently announced his retirement from the International Cricket Council’s Elite Panel, concluding a long and successful career. Dar had a middling career as a middle-order batsman and leg-spinner that lasted a decade but failed to take off. However, prestigious records of Aleem Dar throughout his umpiring career was a stark contrast. He made his debut as an ODI umpire in 2000 at the age of 32 and was appointed to the ICC panel within two years.

Dar’s reputation was further enhanced after he officiated in the 2003 World Cup and made sound decisions in tough matches in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka during his Test debut in October of the same year. He was promoted to the ICC’s elite panel six months later and has since been regarded as one of the best umpires alongside Simon Taufel.

Throughout his umpiring career, he has come across multiple records, however, are some of them are of extraordinary calibre which makes them almost unable to break by any of his rivals. In this article, we will explore three prestigious records of Aleem Dar that are nearly impossible to break.

Aleem Dar Retires from Elite Panel with Unbeatable Record as Cricket Umpire

#1 Aleem Dar’s incredible umpiring career: 435 matches and four World Cup finals

During his tenure, Dar achieved an unprecedented record that is likely to stand for a long time: officiating in a total of 435 men’s Tests, ODIs, and T20Is, including four World Cup finals. This achievement places Dar in a league of his own, as no other umpire has been able to surpass his impressive feat. This will remain among the prestigious records of Aleem Dar, unbreakable by somebody else. 

#2 First Pakistani Umpire on Elite Panel with the Most Men’s Tests and ODIs

In addition to his remarkable number of matches, Dar has set several other records that are equally impressive. He has officiated more men’s Tests (144) and ODIs (222) than any other umpire, and was the first Pakistani umpire to be named on the Elite Panel when it was first established in 2002. He has also won the David Shepherd trophy for umpire of the year three times, starting from 2009.

#3 Aleem Dar: The Three-Time Umpire of the Year

In recognition of his consistent outstanding performances, Aleem Dar was declared the Umpire of the Year for three consecutive years: 2009, 2010 and 2011. He ended Simon Taufel’s run of five successive awards. He was also nominated for the Award in 2005 and 2006, but on both occasions, Taufel won the honour. This is certainly among the three prestigious records of Aleem Dar, who has also been one of the notable names in Pakistan Super League’s editions.

Dar’s decision to retire from the Elite Panel does not signify the end of his career in international cricket. He can still officiate matches played at home in Pakistan if he is selected by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). Moreover, he may get to go on tour if he is included in the International Panel of Umpires, which is one rung down from Elite when it is reconstituted.

Reflecting on his illustrious career, Dar expressed his gratitude and acknowledged the hard work and discipline required to be a successful umpire. He also emphasized the importance of never stopping learning and passing on one’s knowledge to others.

As the ICC welcomes two new umpires onto their Elite Panel, it is evident that Dar’s record will be a tough one to surpass. His contribution to the game of cricket, both in Pakistan and internationally, has been invaluable. Dar’s legacy as one of the greatest cricket umpires of all time is cemented by his prestigious record, which nobody has been able to break.

What you should know about Aleem Dar’s prestigious umpiring?

Aleem Dar’s umpiring career began on 16 February 2000 in a match between Pakistan and Sri Lanka in Gujranwala. His talent was soon recognized, and he was selected to join the ICC Elite Umpire Panel just four years later in 2004, making him the first Pakistani umpire to achieve this honor.

Dar’s illustrious career included officiating some of the most significant matches in cricket history, such as the 2006 ICC Champions Trophy final, the 2007 ODI World Cup final, and the 2010 ICC World T20 final. He was also part of the umpiring team for the 2011 and 2015 ICC ODI World Cups and the 2006-07 Ashes series in Australia. His impeccable umpiring skills were evident in the 2011 World Cup, where none of the 15 reviews against his decisions was successful.

Aleem Dar’s achievements as a cricket umpire are unparalleled, and his records are ones that are unlikely to be broken in the near future.

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