Setting Aside Rivalry: Afridi and Gambhir’s Newfound Respect

Former Pakistan all-rounder Shahid Afridi spoke openly about his infamous rivalry with retired Indian batter Gautam Gambhir during a recent interview with a presenter ahead of the Asia Lions’ match against the World Giants on March 16. Afridi, who is currently captaining the Asia Lions in the Legends League Cricket competition in Doha, addressed the long-standing and well-known rivalry between himself and Gambhir, which has sparked much debate in Indo-Pak cricket.

Shahid Afridi Opens Up About His Contentious Rivalry with Gautam Gambhir on and off the Cricket Field

Afridi and Gambhir have been at odds for years, both on and off the cricket field, with their well-known rivalry dating back to a 2007 one-day international match between the two countries. Despite their frequent Twitter feuds making headlines, the former adversaries were seen embracing and displaying cordial behavior towards each other during the Legends League Cricket (LLC) competition in Doha, Qatar.

Afridi spoke about his once-infamous rivalry with Gambhir and revealed their current relationship status.

The former Pakistan captain commented on their relationship, acknowledging their past rivalry but emphasizing the importance of enjoying the present. He praised the Indian cricketer’s form and performance as a leader, expressing delight at spending time with him during the Legends League Cricket competition in Doha, the Pakistani all-rounder known for his boundaries expressed his desire to see more renowned names from India and Pakistan, including Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, Wasim Akram, and Waqar Younis, participate in the LLC in the future.

“Both of us are ambassadors for our respective countries. You won’t be able to live if you live in the past. We’re living in the moment. He is leading his team and is in good form; he is playing beautifully, and it is entertaining to watch him bat. “I’ve spent two to three days with him, and it’s been incredible,”

“From Pakistan, Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis, or Sachin Tendulkar and MS Dhoni. “These are well-known figures, and people want to see them,” he added.

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Afridi and Gambhir’s old rivalry

Afridi and Gambhir have a long history together. Since their infamous heated exchange during an India vs. Pakistan ODI in 2007, the two haven’t seen eye to eye. Afridi and Gambhir have traded barbs over the years, sometimes indirectly and on other occasions while sitting across from each other in studios. But when the two former cricketers met for the first time in nearly a decade on Friday in the opening match of the Legends League Cricket season 2, sparks flew.

Afridi and Gambhir’s reconciliation at the LLC T20 Cup goes viral as memes flood social media.

More could be said about the Afridi and Gambhir incident. When Boom Boom grabbed the ball and bowled to a well-set rival during the second innings, both became trending on Twitter. Afridi bowled 10 balls to Gambhir, who scored 10 runs, including one four, off them. There was even more interaction between Afridi and Gambhir as the former Pakistan captain checked on his former rival two overs later. The ex-Pakistani skipper asked the batter if there was any bat involved as an ex-Indian player took a single off Abdul Razzaq’s bowling and reached the non-end striker after a huge LBW appeal was turned down. Gambhir’s response was a standard shake of the head.

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