How can Pakistan still qualify for T20 World Cup 2022 Semi-Finals?

In the most utter disappointment, Pakistan lost to Zimbabwe by a thrilling one-run in Perth. This has slight open Group 2 of the Super 12s, where India, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Pakistan and even Bangladesh have the best time to qualify. But for Babar Azam and his men, how can they still qualify for the T20 World Cup 2022 knock-out stage?

We are back in those days when fans take out their calculators and papers to make possible predictions which could help the national team. There are many possibilities for the Men in Green to qualify. But we will look at the best possible scenario also making sure no rain takes place in the remaining games.

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Best-case scenario to Qualify for T20 World Cup 2022 

For starters, let’s get to the simplest part; Babar’s team MUST win all the remaining matches. Should they do so, this will give them 6 points in the group. It will not guarantee their qualification, but it is still enough if the other matches go their way.

Next, India. There isn’t much to say but the Green Team will need their little help. They must beat both South Africa and Zimbabwe. To put it frankly, India must clean sweep this group. They will simply top the group clear ahead of others with 10 points to their name.

South Africa will be a challenge, both for the rest of the teams and for PAK’s game. For PAK’s qualification, South Africa must lose to India and PAK while they win the rest of their matches. This will give them 5 points.

Zimbabwe will be tricky. They have games remaining against India, Netherlands and Bangladesh. For PAK to qualify, ZIM must lose at least two out of three matches. Should they lose two games, they will end only with 5 points to their name.

Bangladesh also have remaining three games remaining; Zimbabwe, India and Pakistan. They have won so far only one but for PAK’s qualification, BAN must lose at least two out of three games. Obviously, they must lose to India and Pakistan but they would have a bigger task; beat Zimbabwe. It is a tough ask for the Green Fans as Bangladesh have lost to Zimbabwe earlier this year in the T20I series.

As for the Netherlands, they must simply lose all their matches.

If the following scenario goes as planned, then the final scenario of the Points Table will be as follows;


It is very difficult at the moment. South Africa poses a greater challenge given their extraordinary batting. But their record against the Green Team is zero in three T20 World Cup matches so far. Babar and his men can still take it as a positive and win the all-important match.

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