NZ Tour of Pak Cancel; All Curse for Black Caps

NZ tour of Pak: If it was meant to be canceled, it should have been called off before getting green signals. But after the security personnel voyaged and gave ‘good to go’ signs, the word ‘inappropriate’ is way less to define the NZC’s move.

Calling off the NZ tour of Pak for hoaxed and fabricated lies, that too from ‘unauthentic’ sources! Sounds weird? This is why Pakistani cricket fans, officials, players, patriots, and the board, are in a great dilemma seeing the image falling down they regained after years of struggles.

NZ tour of Pak canceled, how hard it was to get cricket back in Pakistan?

The doors of international cricket were closed on Pakistan after the Sri Lanka Bus attack outside Gadaffi Stadium. Pakistanis have gone through a critical tenure in the midst. Getting cricket back on track was not a piece of cake, but an immense struggle was put in to make it happen.

In the last few years, the PCB has embraced numerous countries who have enjoyed the joyful hours in the nation alongside playing quality cricket. It was now the correct clock to step onto big chaps; New Zealand, Australia, England, etc.

Pakistan visited New Zealand amidst Christchurch attack, New Zealand left Pakistan after ‘unauthentic’ security threats:

Before progressing, it must be noted that Pakistan visited New Zealand recently – this is the time when teams denied voyaging them amidst the COVID and Christchurch terror. Opined, this is not how you pay off someone for their grateful initiative. 

Things looked running smoothly after NZ, a few minutes before the first encounter kicked-start, canceled the ‘entire’ Pakistan tour. The announcement came in the enlightenment of security threats. Notably, NZC got these threats from an ‘unknown’ source.

What makes the synopsis worst? NZC, a renowned name in the cricketing world, believed the rumors from an ‘unauthentic source. Although there was a sack of clarification and alternatives not to let go of the tour. All of them were turned down straightaway. It would not be unfair to say that it was most some sort of propaganda by the third-party rather than ‘security.

You must be aware of the patriotism of Pakistanis. Once anyone raises a finger on their country, the die-hard followers come forward in defense. Similar is the case at the moment.

NZ tour of Pak canceled: Fans and patriots come forward in defense:

After seeing the disrupted picture, the fans have come forth in justification, telling the world that “Pakistan is safe”. Pakistan is safe to play cricket is the new trend on Twitter alongside PakvsNZ, New Zealand, Rawalpindi, and a few more related ones. 

The disheartened players, officials, not only from Pakistan but from across the globe, are taking it to Twitter. They are writing about how it feels like playing cricket in Pakistan under ‘assured’ security.

The matter will be now dragged to the International Cricket Council (ICC). PCB’s newly elected chairman, Ramiz Raja said that NZC will hear Pakistan at ICC. He is equally furious as all the patriots for the last moment withdrawal – that too with the dumb reason.

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  • Ahtisham ali Sindhu
    Posted September 17, 2021 9:08 pm 0Likes

    One of the most sad moments for cricket k ….. jab jab jis jis mulk ko zurat parti hai hamsha Pakistan na sat diya phir chaha wo England ho ya phir Bangladesh attack k bad new Zealand but afsoos is bt ka hai k sila kbhi nhi mila iska …… Sharam sa mar jana chaya atna time zaya kia pasa lagy sab kia or return main kia mila kuch b nhi …… Have Newzealand forgotten how Bangladesh player were minutes away from Christchurch mosque at the time of shootings? Where was the intelligence then?
    The world moved on like nothing happened but somehow touring pak is a trip to mordor

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