Muhammad Amir’s Reputation on the Line: Examining his Recent Performance

Muhammad Amir, once known for his magical bowling, is now known for his controversial remarks and actions. The transition has been unfortunate, to say the least and it has definitely put Amir’s reputation on the line. But the question arises is he just a mere shadow of his past now? 

What happened after the Champions Trophy?

The ex-pacer was successful in gaining a place in people’s hearts after his comeback. His performance against India in the all-important champions’ trophy final was remarkable. Praise for him came not only from Pakistan but all over the world. 

However, things changed when his performance started going down the hill and instead of waiting for his chance and improving himself, he decided to quit playing for the national team and took retirement.

The beginning of controversies and hurtful remarks

After that, we saw a new face of Muhammad Amir and it won’t be wrong to say that there aren’t many fans of that face. The bowler started to throw shade at Misbah-ul-Haq- former chief selector and Ramiz Raja- former head of PCB. He also somehow blames them for not being fair to him. 

But the story does not end here. The fast bowler began to criticize both the team and its captain, Babar Azam. And not only them but also the management. The shows during the T20 world-cup confirmed that Amir was not a fan of the current players and the system.

Babar Azam vs Muhammad Amir

Before the Karachi vs Peshawar game, he remarked that bowling to Babar Azam or a tail-ender is the same thing for him which further damaged Amir’s reputation. This was not well received by the public. Even Zalmi’s official page took a dig at this remark. 

Amir’s reputation being ruined due to unnecessary aggression and anger

But the controversies just did not stop off the field. On the field, Amir was seen showing unnecessary aggression. After getting hit by Mohammad Haris, Amir abused the youngster. 

Then in the match against Islamabad United, the bowler did a celebration which wasn’t quite pleasant, and that too after taking the wicket of an emerging player. If this was not enough, Amir kept sledging the opponent players. He even had a bit of a heated moment with Colin Munro.

The performance which does not do justice to his over-the-top attitude

This aggression maybe would have made a bit of sense if Amir was extraordinary with his bowling. But that does not seem to be the case. In the first game, he was unsuccessful in sending even one batsman back to the pavilion. He bowled 4 overs, took 0 wickets, and gave 40 runs. In the next game, he bowled 4 overs, took 2 wickets, and gave 30 runs. 

The second game was an improvement for him but it still does not justify what he is doing and that too just to prove some kind of point. Amir’s reputation has suffered immensely as a person. Even if he bowls well in this PSL, people would not want to praise him. 

The pacer needs to find a better way to let out his emotions which involves not sledging at youngsters or having a beef with the national heroes. 

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