How did fans from both countries react to Pakistan vs India encounter?

Pakistan vs India encounter has always been something that comes with a lot of drama, thrill, and suspense. In the past years, India used to dominate Pakistan in international tournaments. However, long gone are those days. All three times that these two arch-rivals have met recently, the quality of cricket being played was high with equal battles from two poles.

Babar Azam’s Men in 11 Snatched the Game from India in the Last Over

On 4th September, the two teams faced each other again in the Asia cup 2022. In the first game that was played, India won a thriller in the last over. In the second game, it was Pakistan who won one of the most exciting matches in the last over.

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Social Media on Fire after Pakistan vs India Game

Pakistan vs India encounter isn’t for the weak-hearted. The game kept shifting from being in Pakistan’s hands to India’s hands and vice versa. However, the boys in green were successful in crossing the finishing line. Social media was bombarded with memes, reactions, and views from both sides of the border. 

The Indian fans expressed their anger at the young player Arshdeep who dropped the catch of Asif Ali in the 17th over.

However, there was also a show of support from Arshdeep by both Indian cricketers and fans. 

There was also praise for Kohli for how he handled the loss and defended the players

There was also an attempt at humor to lessen the pain, but they weren’t very well received by the Pakistani fans, and many people ended up deleting their tweets. 

On the other side, Pakistan cricket enthusiasts were over the moon. They were not only celebrating and making memes but also appreciating each player’s efforts, the unity between the team, and the captain’s tactics. Moreover, there was also a sigh of relief that the contest of Pakistan vs India had gone up a notch. 

Individual Performances that Deserve Acknowledgment 

The recent match was definitely the one that almost every cricket enthusiast from all over the world enjoyed, thanks to the amazing performances. Muhammad Nawaz proved himself to be a very worthy allrounder by taking one important wicket, giving away just 25 runs, and then scoring 42 runs off 20 balls. Shadab Khan was another player who sent two batsmen back to the pavilion and kept his economy in check. Haris Rauf’s yorkers to Virat Kohli and his death bowling was something that almost made everybody proud of his progress. Muhammad Rizwan scoring 71 runs off 41 runs even after being injured was more than commendable. Later Khushdil Shah and Asif Ali finished the game in their own style which made Pakistan cross the finishing line. 

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