Haris Rauf: Pakistan’s New Death Over Specialist

Over the last couple of years, Haris Rauf was given a perception that he wouldn’t be the most economical bowler. But he has proved all the critics wrong through dedication and hard work by starting to perfect bowling in all the hardest overs for Pakistan. Also, there have been plenty of stats to back up his improvement.

Hari’s Rauf Struggles

When he managed to burst into the scene in the PSL. He had been given a perception as a wicket-taker but was leaking way too many runs and his initial matches proved that. His lack of maturity showed that he was too worried about picking wickets and not caring about runs. He continued to bowl deliveries in the slot and due to his increase in pace the smallest of edges would run away to the boundary.

Furthermore, there was a lack of understanding of the situation where to bowl under different circumstances but that has changed due to where he accommodates his overs nowadays. On the contrary, his deception of line and length would cause an extra 20 runs for the top team and it cost Pakistan quite a bit, to say the least. 

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How Does Haris Rauf manage Death Overs? 

Being able to handle the pressure of bowling at the end is very high. If you leak a few too many runs they can be extremely costly to the team. Haris Rauf has managed to perfect the slower ball and can deceive the batsmen and make them look distraught at the pace of the ball. Also, he has managed to bowl an extremely quick yorker and hit the stumps.

Hari’s Rauf economy is 7.89 in overs from 16-20. That’s exceptional to bowl at that economy when some of the worlds best are around 9. This proves that social media is right to cause a stir about him being the best in the world when it comes to death bowling. Also, he is now an absolute unit at bowling at opposite paces. From 145 kph to 110s.

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