FIFA gives Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) their final verdict

FIFA, the governing body of the world football Council make a decision on 29 June 2022 to lift the ban from the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) imposed for third-party interference in April 2021.

Why was Pakistan Football Federation banned?

FIFA had denied the appointment of Ashfaq Hussain Shah as the president of the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) after the 2018 elections. They suspended Pakistan Football after Hussain Shah briefly threw the normalisation committee out of PFF headquarters. After that Pakistan Football was not eligible to participate at any international level.

Official Statement of FIFA

The official statement from FIFA is:

“The Bureau of the FIFA Council decided on 29 June 2022 to lift the suspension that was imposed on the PFF in April 2021 due to undue third-party interference.”

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Chairman NC Message

In a video message, Chairman Normalization Committee (NC) Haroon Malik congratulated the country for the uplifting of the ban and credited the tireless efforts of the board and the prayers of the football community.

“I would like to congratulate the nation as FIFA has uplifted the ban on Pakistan Football. I think it has become possible due to the tireless efforts of the Normalization Committee and the prayers of the Football family,” Haroon said.

“FIFA has also extended the mandate of the NC by one year. Restoration of football, holding of PFF elections and return of assets will be the top priority,” he concluded.

Why did FIFA lift the ban? 

The decision was made after FIFA got confirmation that the normalisation panel of the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF).

“The decision was taken after FIFA received confirmation that the normalisation committee of the PFF had regained full control of the PFF’s premises and was in a position to manage its finances,” FIFA said in a statement.

Pakistan would suspend again? 

Fifa told that the PFF would be banned again if they found any unnecessary impedance in its actions or activities. Moreover, pff can face the imposition of other sanctions provided for in the FIFA Statutes. 

Which crises did PFF face after the ban? 

The suspension meant that Pakistan did not receive any funds from FIFA and Pakistan  Football team could not participate in international competitions. Now FIFA has restored the PFF international membership and opened the doors of international competitions for the national teams and resumed football activities at the national level.

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