What is Pakistan Football League?

Football and Pakistan 

The land of 220 million people, Pakistan, has massive potential and talent for one of the world’s major sports, Football. The City of Lights, Karachi, and its famous area, Liari, which is also known as “Mini Brazil” has crazy fans of football. If you go to Liari, you’ll feel the enthusiasm of football around you, because everyone would be playing with the ball. 

Their heroes are not the ones who played cricket, their ideals are those who have got a major reputation in the game of football. Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, and many others have a major fan following here and their posters are there too. In this case, if Pakistan launches its own Football league, then it’ll be a treat to watch.

Condition of Football in Pakistan 

Unfortunately, Pakistan hasn’t gained any success in the game of football, having massive talent and fans in the country, FIFA has banned Pakistan because of the political influence in PFF (Pakistan Football Federation). This has been a major blow for all the fans around the country because having this type of passion for the game and still you can’t play for your country, is very much disappointing for all the fans and players of Pakistan. Lack of infrastructure and facilities further increases the frustration of the potential ones. 

Pakistan Football League? 

YES! We would be witnessing a league of football of that country, which is banned from FIFA, whose federation is mixed with major corruption and politics but apart from all of these things, for the passionate fans of football in Pakistan, this is a piece of massive news indeed. Pakistan Football league, having the investors of one of the major sporting events of the world, English to the premier league, is going to be held in Pakistan with six teams participating in it. For the fans of Pakistan, this is something very massive. 

Pakistan Football Team

Who’s the brand ambassador? 

Every sports league has some ambassador in it who promotes the tournament all around the world, and so does the Pakistan Football league have its Brand ambassador too, who is a world-class player. We’re talking about Micheal Owen of England, who’s played for the national side, Liverpool and Manchester United too. In his recent tweet, he greets all the Pakistanis with “Asalam o Alikum” and says that he is super excited for the league and will surely visit Pakistan in the future. 

Micheal Owen

Thoughts of Micheal Owen about Pakistan Football League 

If someone like Micheal Owen is talking about Pakistan, we should hear it. He says that Pakistan has a great talent for Football and the county can be more competitive shortly. He also says that Pakistan cannot play in the World Cup in the next 10 years, but if things go in the right direction, they can be a very improved side in the next 15 to 20 years. This is a very positive sign and a compliment from a legend of the game for the football players all around Pakistan and we should be optimistic about it.

Image of Pakistan Through Pakistan Football League 

The recent cancelation of the New Zealand cricket team tour of Pakistan created a lot of mess for the country. This league and the arrival of a big name like Micheal Owen in Pakistan would be a big boost for all of us. This will send a clear message to the whole world that Pakistan is a safe country for any sports and the people here can enjoy any sports here without any fear or doubts. 

This would create a big impact on the world and will surely improve the image of Pakistan all around the world. Moreover, the matches of this league could be played in northern areas of Pakistan whose beauty is very famous, it can also increase tourism and can be very helpful for Pakistan. 

Importance of Pakistan Football league

This league is important, for many reasons. To highlight and showcase the talent of the country at the bigger level, the Pakistan Football league can be a huge platform for all the players around the country. This league can increase the confidence of players and can add some professionalism in their game too. We all should hope for the best and pray for the success of this league!

Written by Moied Rashid Butt


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