CPL 2021: Fixing Claims Leave Warriors vs Patriots Under Scrutiny

The fifth match of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL 2021), which bounded St Kitts & Nevis Patriots and Guyana Amazon Warriors, is under scrutiny after the fixing claims.

The sudden change in the betting odds left the watchers shocked, creating a debatable synopsis that prompted match-fixing.

During the game played at Warner Park, fans witnessed some suspicious activities on the field, leading to a massive change on the betting forums. The gossips still continue as if Warriors vs Patriots was pre-fixed by a few of the participants.

On Reddit, one of the users, DrKersh, explained how the Warriors went from ultra favorites to the losers just in a few overs, according to the betters, before losing the match eventually. 

Betting odds changed after the 15th over kicked start for the Patriots’ chase. With seven wickets left, the visitors needed around 11 runs per over, making 67 runs off 36 balls. 

The over was delivered by the Warriors’ medium seamer, Niall Smith. The respective over is under fans’ eyes as it is composed of numerous wides, inaccurate bowling deliveries bowling down the leg-side with the field predominantly off-side. 

Explanation on Reddit

A Reddit user wrote a betting piece on Warriors vs Patriots that, 

“Warriors were winning by a lot, the odds were 1.2, that implies about 85% winning chance and means that for every 1 unit you bet, you will get in return 0.2 +1 (0.2 of profits and your one bet unit back),”

“On the over 14/15, some strange things happened and in that very some momenKittsmeone put millions on Kitts to win at odds 6(meaning 1 unit will return you 5+1 on profits), then every bookie closed the game forbidding more bets.”

“The person who was betting millions on Kitts moved the odds of the market (from the exchange betting house*** with more than 40 million in bets) from 6 to about 1.3, meaning that suddenly, the team that was losing on DL method and every other metric you can imagine by a lot, was magically the favorite to win, without any changes at all on the game.”

“Then, after multiple millions were put on the team that had an implied percentage victory of about 16%, the Warriors, who were the winning team, started on the very next ball to throw wides, conceding sixes, gifting points on fielding, and finally lost the game.”

“***exchange means you bet against other people, and the company gets a commission on winning bets, but you don’t bet against a company or bookie. Betfair is also the biggest exchange in the world, and a match like this can end with 50 or 60 million euros matched in bets, so no joke, the kind of money that moves.”

Clearly, Nicholas Pooran and Shoaib Malik were spotted discussing field changes before it was made, but it was not availed as the bowler continued bowling down the leg-side to the left-handed batter.

Hafeez bowled the next over where there were two appeals for caught behind and LBW sequentially, but neither of two was given out. The ball tracker later showed the LBW was out.

Here is why fans suspect:


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