Best Death Overs Bowler in T20I Cricket?

A bunch of batsmen, a wicketkeeper who could ideally bat, a couple who could spin it and the remaining who could deliver it fast – enough building blocks to assemble a team. A postulation that was accurately in place, not so long ago. Hardly adaptable these days as the game has propelled expeditiously. Each format, in fact each phase of a particular match has a predefined set of essentials. A steady accumulator, specialist hard hitter, a designated death overs bowler and so on, every player has a specified task at hand to cope with the ever-evolving needs of cricket.

In the last couple of decades, the game has observed various amendments in the playing conditions. The limited-overs formats in general and T-20 cricket in particular are believed to be heavily inclined in favour of batsmen. Don’t really need to dig too deep, as the latest reform of having one fielder short at the boundary in case of slow over rate supports the very claim. Tough for bowlers and certainly ghastly if by any chance you are a death overs bowler.

Who is the top most Death Overs Bowler in T20is?

Bowling in the lateral part of a T-20 inning is strongly regarded as a specialized craft. Successful exhibition of which requires an immaculate blend of varying tricks and supreme control under eminently pressurized circumstances. 

Haris Rauf silently has been topping the chart as the most economical death overs bowler with an economy of 8.08 in a list of bowlers having bowled a cumulative sum of 50 overs in the death part of t20i innings for the last three years.

The likes of Jasprit Bumrah and Pat Cummins who are regarded as wizards in this particular aspect of bowling had economies of 8.15 and 8.41 in the same period, additionally fell behind in the number of balls delivered in the penultimate 4 overs of t20i innings. Haris Rauf substantially outnumbered the two by delivering 376 balls in death overs. Whereas, Jasprit Bumrah and Pat Cummins bowled 106 and 102 balls respectively in the introspected time period.

Haris Rauf clearly has been depicting performances from the top drawer. Sheer pace, decent control and timely mixups are the primary ingredients in his success thus far. Since his debut, no pacer has taken more wickets than his 58 in the t20i format. 

Further dissection leads to another interesting fact. Haris concedes at higher rates in the earlier parts of a T-20 inning and gradually the economy rates drop as the death overs approach. So it’s precisely about time to start acknowledging the high calibre of his death overs bowling capabilities.

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