UAE to Pakistan “The Transition”: An uphill downfall of Pakistan Cricket

May 2015 was the time when Pakistan gave a rebirth to its cricket-hungry stadiums as Zimbabwe toured Pakistan under presidential level security and gave Pakistani fans a so-needed boost-up.

The journey was shaping up nicely when PSL 2017 finale and WXI tour took place successfully both in terms of performance and security. The green shirts kept the convention of the pre-2009 era and carried the winning streak like it was never halted and fans were endorsing it by showing up in great numbers at the stadiums.

Where we stood and to what extent we fell?

An ODI series loss at the fortress of Pakistan cricket (The National Bank Cricket Arena, Karachi) caused some massive changes in the playing setup of the team, prominent one was the removal of Sarfaraz Ahmad as captain and the changes in the coaching panel of the team. Cometh the era of Babar Azam, the captain, Pakistan saw an early sharp rise and the team won the limited-overs series in South Africa, becoming the only team to win two ODI series on the soil of Proteas. 

The return tour of South Africa saw no change and Pakistan maintained the winning record but then came the fall. It’s true that “Every dawn has a dusk” and Pakistan didn’t seem like the same team that it was before 2021. Pakistan lost a test match series against the Aussies with a margin of 1-0 in a 3-match contest. The Babar-led squad lost to England at home in the T20i series with a margin of 4-3. This shows the winning potential is still there but somehow Pakistan has just forgotten to keep the nerves whether at home or away as the team green bottled two won finals in 2022 i.e. Asia Cup 2022 and T20 World Cup 2022.  The team green couldn’t console the fans and now it seems they are completely toothless against a well-rounded English side that is already 2-0 up in the test match series.

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What is wrong and why Pakistan Cricket has lost its winning charm?

Green shirts are more choking than losing the games and this goes back to the mindset given to them by the coaching panel or the captain. Pakistan has unfortunately gone to a much more frightening mode of playing in which they just don’t want to risk anything and ultimately they fall into their well which hurts the fans and is visible by their fewer attendance in the stadium. Another possible reason can be the lack of proper system and infrastructure in the country as the stadiums have gone outdated and the wickets have lost everything in them. This was also quite visible as Rawalpindi stadium got its second demerit point in over a year and now is at risk of a 12-month ban if it gets further 3 points in the next 4 years. 

An early wake-up call for the Pakistan Cricket Board?

PCB needs to act smart and protect the stadium from any further mishap the board should refrain from hosting important and specifically international games at the venue until the issues get resolved and a new pitch gets laid down at the stadium.

The crowd of The twin cities deserves a much better cricket-watching facility and for that, the board and the local government should act more seriously. Keeping in view that Pakistan is in line to host the ICC event in the upcoming cycle, this early wake-up call must be taken with great concern by the cricket-running body in Pakistan.

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