We have made Shaheen’s injury an enigma – Dr. Nauman Niaz

Shaheen Afridi, Pakistan’s fast-rising star, is now dealing with a knee ailment. Dr. Nauman Niaz, a cricket historian, and analyst, recently spoke with our team about whether the PCB properly handled Shaheen’s injury. How bad would it be for his future? 

So, what are his thoughts on this issue? let’s look at that. however, let’s first review Shaheen’s injury.

Shaheen’s injury

Shaheen Afridi suffered a knee injury while fielding in the Sri Lanka test series. He underwent treatment under the direction of the PCB. On the Netherlands tour, his injury worsened, and he was sent to England for proper treatment. He joined the team for the T20 world cup in Australia. He took 10 wickets for Pakistan in the Men’s T20 World Cup, but in the final, while fielding and taking a catch, he suffered another knee injury.

Dr Nauman Niaz on Shaheen’s injury

Dr Nauman Niaz remarks on Shaheen’s injuries while speaking with our host Faizan Hayat Khan in our Show Khel ki Baithak were as follows:

“We’ve made the Shaheen injury an enigma. These elite athletes, like Shaheen, are incredibly gifted, and the best thing about Shaheen is that he made an impression in the u19 and got 8 wickets in his first-class debut. and he began performing for Pakistan quite early in his career.”

“He is one of the best left-arm bowlers in the world, in my opinion. His legs are like flamingos, and if you look at his biomechanics, his joints are hyperfunctional. For these reasons, he was wounded in Sri Lanka, which we referred to as an impact injury. The fact that he wasn’t hurt as a result of his bowling motion was the best part. He suffered a knee injury while fielding. When we walk normally, our knees lift our body weight four times; however, a sportsman’s knee lifts their body weight six to ten times. So that cause him an injury”

He continued,

“There are various stages of injury first Shaheen’s injury was grade 1, and grade 1 injuries are those that may be treated non-surgically and take about six weeks to recover from. But the issue with Shaheen was that, “to be really blunt here,” a medical panel was strengthened by the PCB. There is an ego problem, and Shaheen suffers as a result. In addition, he shouldn’t have travelled to the Netherlands because he needed concentrated rehabilitation back then. He could have travelled to the United Kingdom or Australia. This cruciate ligament injury required an orthopaedic doctor to treat it; it had nothing to do with sports. However, our sports team took Shaheen to the Netherlands for his own ego and there, where he had light training, causing his grade 1 ailment to worsen to grade 2.”

He concluded the shaheens’ conversation with the statement that shaheens require adequate rest. Future series between England and New Zealand are unnecessary. Don’t ruin our star for that series; we have Haris Rauf, Hassan Ali and many other quality bowlers.

Techinque of M.Haris & England’s Brilliance in T20 world cup final

In the conversation, He also discussed England’s team brilliance and Muhammad Haris’ technique.

He said although Muhammad Haris did not play much first-class cricket, he did score a fifty; he is gifted; he has a faster bat, sharper reflexes, and greater strength; but as the one who changed the dimension and monotony of the Pakistani lineup, the English team worked on him in the end, so the English team pace of Haris and pace of is not a defence of Haris and there is no defence, so he became confused and began slogging. Fast bowlers determine the length of the ball and bowl accordingly, so power hitting and slogging differ when facing them. Our lack of game awareness led us to play more dot balls than we should have. As all Pakistani players except Shan Masood cannot play horizontally, the English team paced the Pakistani batsman and bowled at the length, leaving no room for mistakes.

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Selection into National Side based on PSL Performance

When discussing the criteria for selecting players for the Pakistani team, he said that fast-tracking the players is not a good idea but he also expressed appreciation for Ramiz Raja’s idea to create the Pakistan Junior League. He questioned where these players would go after the u19 level and how many of them would be chosen in the PSL. He claimed that these players couldn’t play ODI and Test cricket because they were T20I players.

Niaz mentioned that the only other example in the world is David Warner, who transitioned from being a T20I batter to a Test specialist due to his sound technique. Dr Nauman also mentioned that proper technique is necessary for the T20 format, and he believed that a player who did not play more first-class cricket would not go far. He also mentioned Rizwan and Babar, saying that while they had been excellent in recent years, they had difficulty when they ventured outside of their comfort zones.

Indian Cricket and infrastructure

He claimed that despite having excellent facilities and players who play in the Indian Premier League, which has a market value of $9.8 billion, India had also made mistakes. When Jasprit Bumrah became injured, they became disoriented and handled everything improperly.

Future of ODI Cricket, Early days of Shoaib Akhter?

Test cricket, he claimed, is what real cricket is. But because leagues are now taking place, t20 cricket will have more time, making the commencement of ODI cricket problematic. The overdose of T20 cricket, according to him, will kill ODI cricket unless you diversify by substituting one inning of 25 overs for 50 overs.

According to him, from the beginning, Shoaib was different from the rest because he was wonderful and he was passionate. Shoaib used to nets in GHQ and I to do nets in GHQ, so there he was supposed to say that he would become Imran Khan. In spite of the fact that he knew I was a medical student, he asked me about his diet, which led to our friendship, and I conducted his very first interview after his debut as well. In addition, he said that people misunderstand the recent incident with Shoaib Akhtar, but nothing is there,

Dr. Nauman’s Secret Museum and Future of Pakistan Cricket

The largest private museum in the entire globe is Dr Nauman’s Museum. a collection that spans the middle of the 19th century and present times. In an interview with the Green Team, he discloses that a member of his family has played cricket for both India and Pakistan and that ever since he was a young child, he has been collecting everything related to the game since he is so passionate about it. 

At the conclusion, he talked about the future of Pakistan cricket and said that these young players, in my opinion, have a clear perspective and are not self-centred. They also have more opportunities, and we need a department system and merit-based selection procedures to support them.

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