A Brief Story about Winter Olympics

Olympic Games, the most prominent sporting event is apprehended after a 4-year span. Numerous athletes from around the globe take part in various games and competitions. Winter Olympics are held in colder regions as snow is required for some outdoor games. 

Olden Times of Winter Olympics

Winter Olympics, formerly known as Winter Sports Week was initiated in 1924 in France. 250 athletes from all over the globe participated. 16 countries took part in 16 events with women in only figure skating and men in all other games. The event was a big achievement with an audience of around 10,000 people. Proposal of initiating Olympic Games for winter sports was given on 5th June 1921 at Olympic Congress Session by International Olympic Committee members. Winter Olympics have been held 24 times in 21 cities till now.

Originally there were five games in Winter Olympics and 12 countries have the honor of hosting the event. Bobsleigh, Curling, Ice-Hockey, and Nordic Skiing were played initially. Athletes were only presenting their skills before 1992, as there was no competition and no medal-winning race back then.

Norway is on the top of the table in the history of the Winter Olympics with 132 gold, 125 silver, 111 bronze, and a total of 368 medals. Besides, none of the nations from the tropical region has won any medal in Winter Olympics ever.

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Beijing Olympics 2022

Winter Olympics 2022 are taking place in three zones of China from 4th February to 20th February. The slogan for the event is “Together for a shared future” which signifies sports power to overcome challenges globally. Total 109 medal events will take place in Beijing, Yanging and Zhangjiakou. The official symbol of Winter Olympics 2022 is a Bing Dwen Dwen, a huge panda. 

Bing means ice and Dwen Dwen means children. The symbol represents the power of sportspersons used to endorse Olympic life. Muhammad Karim, an alpine skier is the only participant from Pakistan, his coach and two spokespersons are there to accompany him. Two countries, Saudi Arabia and Haiti have sent their participants in Alpine Skiing making their first appearance in Winter Olympics. No participant from National Hockey League is participating this year fatefully.

Olympics 2022

Opening Ceremony

Spectacular opening ceremony is witnessed at Beijing National Stadium for the 24th Winter Olympics event. Sportspersons from the 91 National Olympic Committee paraded with their national flags. Icon of Winter Olympics 2022 articulates the unity of countries from five continents and the gathering of sportspersons around the globe. President of the International Olympic Committee Mr. Thomas Bach applause the inspiration in his speech. Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan attended the ceremony along with his seven ministers.

Winter Olympics 2022 will take part in the following three zones of China:

  • Central Beijing will host ice sports and snow events. 
  • Yanging will host Alpine Skiing and sliding events like bobsleigh, luge, and skeleton.
  • Zhangjiakou will host sports like biathlon, cross country, Nordic combined, and ski jumping.

Total 109 medal events with 15 sports are going to be held. Following is the list of events of all sports in the Winter Olympics:

Sports NameNo. Of Events
Alpine skiing11 events
Biathlon11 events
Bobsleigh4 events
Curling3 events
Figure Skating5 events
Free style Skiing13 events
Ice Hockey2 events
Luge4 events
Nordic Combined3 events
Short track speed skating9 events
Skeleton2 events
Ski Jumping5 events
Snow Boarding11 events
Speed Skating14 events

Which country is top on the table and who have won medals. Find out below:

United States810725
ROC – Russia6121432
South Korea2529

World Records during Winter Olympics 2022

Dutch Woman Suzane Schuklting finished 1000 m race in only 1:26:514 on 11th February 2022.

Swedish speed skater Nils van der Poe broke his own record by finishing a 10,000 m lightning-fast race in 12:30.74.

Closing Ceremony

The final day of the winter Olympics is always a memorable day. Winter Olympics 2022 concluded on 20th February with a spectacular closing ceremony at Beijing National Stadium, Beijing China. The ceremony ended with a march past from all the countries with their flags. Medals were distributed to the winning players at the last event. The Olympic flag was dropped while the Italian flag was elevated where the next winter Olympics will be held.

Finally, games were stated closed, an ending speech was given by IOC president, Thomas Bach, and the Olympic flame was extinguished with a fireworks show.

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