“Sirf foreign coaches he level 4 nahi hain” Atiq Uz Zaman takes dig at new PCB chairman

Najam Sethi took control of the affairs of the Pakistan Cricket Board recently with an aim to strengthen the Pakistan cricket team. To complete this aim, he came up with some plans which were to improve the domestic system, bring in foreign coaches and many more. The idea of bringing foreign coaches was not liked by Atiq Uz Zaman and his wife as he thinks that there are many local coaches who are deserving to get this job.

What Najam Thinks About Foreign Coaches

Najam has the plan to employ foreign coaches for Pakistan Cricket Team. He exclaimed that “When I was in power, we had Mickey Arthur and results were evident. We were world number one in both ODI and Test cricket and we won the Champions Trophy as well.” This tells us that the chairman of PCB has more belief in the foreign coaches than the local coaches. He believes that foreign coaches can be more beneficial.

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What Atiq uz Zaman Thinks About The Idea Of Chairman

Atiq Uz Zaman-Ajmal

Atiq Uz Zaman has represented Pakistan in all three formats and he has a lot of knowledge and vast experience in the field. Atiq thinks that only foreign coaches are not level four instead there are many local coaches who are level four including him. He stated that “Sirf foreign coaches hi level 4 nahin ha”. Zaman believes that local coaches should have been given a chance rather than foreign coaches.

He further congratulated the new management but he didn’t look satisfied as he wanted himself in the management to improve the Pakistan cricket standard.

The Reply Of Atiq’s Wife Towards The Idea Of The Chairman

Atiq’s wife told the achievements of Atiq as a professional coach and she told that he is the person that PCB is looking for. She stated the following “Mr Najam Sethi has said he needs qualified level four coaches here is a perfect match for what you’re looking for. Mr Atiq Uz Zaman, have you seen his CV? He’s level 4, MA in sports coaching, Lancashire women’s and men’s coach, ECB Scout, coached at PCB what else he needs?

Should Najam Sethi Consider Atiq As A Coach?

Atiq Uz Zaman has served Pakistan in all three formats and he is recently working as a batting scout for England and England lions and as head of cricket at St Joseph’s College, Ipswich. Zaman holds vast experience in coaching with intense knowledge in the field. He is a fielding coach at the National high-performance centre and he owns AUZ  sports academy. 

The former Pakistani cricketer has also developed SSGC into a top-class cricket team at the national level and also formulated many youth males and female players who are now playing at an elite level in Pakistan, Lancashire or other counties.

The level four coach has an unlimited contribution to Pakistan cricket :as what stage Lahore Qalandars and other domestic teams are standing, Atiq has played a vital role in it. Therefore Zaman deserves to get a chance to become the coach of the Pakistan Cricket team and show his skills and experience on the field.

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