Return of Sarfaraz Ahmed “The Batsman”

Sarfaraz Ahmed, a name which by many tongues and voices was given a place in the history books. People believed it was a full-stop to the career of a person who’s still termed as “Dilon ka Kaptaan” or is remembered by the famous line “Sarfaraz dhoka nhi day ga”. But, when the picture was portrayed, it seemed that the 35-year-old ex-captain had some other plans to unfold. The plans had grit, determination, and hunger to play in it.

“The One Who Wrote Histories, The One Who Won Golds”

Many have led the men in green and many have won them the biggest of deals, but when the cap of honor was given to Sarfaraz, everything was done and dusted and the Green Shirts had nothing but ashamed heads sunk in dishonour and displeasure from the nation. Beyond the imaginations of people, things started to turn overnight for Pakistan, and out of nowhere we were the worthy champions of the Champions Trophy 2017 under Sarfaraz Ahmed i.e. won first time by Pakistan. 

Ex-captain knew how to win the golds out of the dust, he showed it first in 2006 in which a low score was made unreachable for a star-studded Indian under-19 as they were bundled out for 72 in response to a small target of 110.

The street-minded Sarfaraz turned this team into a never-fearing unit and all they started to do was to fight and take out a victory which as result gave Pakistan a straight 11-series victory streak, most by any international side. 

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The Honorary, The Respectable

Sarfaraz was awarded Sitara E Imtiaz i.e. third highest civil award by the government of Pakistan in recognition of his impeccable services to Pakistani cricket on 23rd  March 2018. 

The Fall of a rock caused the rise of the Wall!

After being bashed by media and public pressure, the journey of the Karachi-born cricketer saw a halt as he was not only removed from the throne of the kingdom but was also removed from the team and no one was even bothering to select him back.

 But he stood firm and went back to the dust he felt he belonged to. He restarted his 35-year-old body engines to see what the aged pistons can take out of him. A silent war of words was going on between himself.  No media facing, no public requests, all he did was to perform and rest he left on the will of Almighty.

And what a reward he just yielded, 335 runs across four innings, including three fifties and a fantastic century in 2 nerve-testing test matches against New Zealand at his home ground, the National Bank Cricket Arena. The world again acknowledged the master and his decent return.

The last time Sarfaraz was this much capable with the bat was in 2014 when he notched up his last scored century against Australia

Praises shone, hearts won, and faith rewarded.

Heaps of praise were coming for him from the captain and all across the globe while his fellow wicket-keeping candidate and permanent Pakistan team member, Mohammad Rizwan, also congratulated him in a beautiful manner which now kills the competition vibe between the two gems of persons.


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