Ravi Shastri, Shahid Afridi suggest shortening ODI Format

ODI format is the most classical format. This format is an ancient treasure for cricket fans, especially its World Cup. ODI cricket is the amalgamation of test and T20I cricket. Sadly nowadays, the most classical format is becoming boring for the fans. Even the cricketers are not willing to play this format due to their workload; hence this format is slightly going towards extinction. The two legends, Shahid Afridi and Ravi Shastri have suggested some ways to save One-Day Internationals.

 Why Is ODI Format Losing Its Power?

When T20I cricket was gaining a lot of power, test cricket was in danger, but now surprisingly, test cricket is gaining more popularity due to World Test Championship, and the fans are enjoying it. This made ODI cricket in Jeopardy. The fans are getting bored, and they see the six to seven hours affair as too long.

The retirement of Ben Stokes from the ODI format due to workload has also made the cricketing fans in shock, followed by the Asia cup, which was played in ODI format and is now converted to T20I format. Biggest reason for the decline of 50-over cricket is franchise leagues.

Shahid Afridi And Ravi Shastri Suggestions

Shahid Afridi has suggested reducing the ODI format from 50 to 40 overs as it is not interesting as it was before. Shahid Afridi “One-day cricket has become quite boring now. I would suggest cutting ODI cricket from 50 overs to 40 overs in order to make it entertaining”. Ravi Shastri also told his point of view that there is no harm in shortening the ODI format.

He further said that when the format started so it was 60 overs, and then people thought it was way too much and hard to digest.  Therefore it was reduced to 50 overs, and a lot of years have passed since that decision was taken. Then the 60 years old concluded that now we could reduce it to 40 overs; hence it gains more popularity.

Other Cricketer’s Suggestions For ODI Format

Pakistan Born Usman Khawaja shows his interest in T20I cricket, and he rates One-Day cricket third out of all formats. He thinks that the 50-over cricket is slowly dying. Legend Wasim Akram terms ODI cricket a run-of-the-mill. Michael Vaughan suggests that it is really difficult to proceed with one-day cricket, and it should only be played in the World Cup after every four years. 

Michael Vaughan

Can We Save ODI Cricket From Becoming Extinct

This is a really fine suggestion by the two legends to save ODI cricket from becoming extinct, but still, to make this format enjoyable, we can add some new rules. We can make this format like test cricket. Every team will have two innings to play each innings of 20 overs, and a bowler can bowl four overs max in an innings. This will bring back the attention of the spectators to ODI cricket, and it will become more enjoyable.

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