Ramiz Raja’s proposal for a four-nation series rejected unanimously by ICC

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Ramiz Raja’s proposal for a four nation series has been unanimously rejected by the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Details about the Meeting

The meeting was held in Dubai on 10th April and was tabled by Ramiz Raja who proposed a four nation series. England, Australia, Pakistan, and India were included in this. 

Sources claim that the predicted revenue was USD 750 million for the next 5 years. The revenue would have been disturbed among the ICC members.

Ramiz Raja’s Four Nation Series Proposal was Rejected Unanimously 

Despite his attempt of convincing the board members of huge revenue, he could still not persuade them to accept the proposal of four nation series. The main reason for the gigantic revenue would have been the India-Pakistan clash as the two arch-rivals now only get to face each other in ICC tournaments. The last bilateral series between the two teams was held in 2012. 

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BCCI rejects the Proposal on Basis of a Choked International Calendar

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) which is one of the ICC board members also didn’t give in to Raja’s ambitious plan. Their choked international calendar and numerous bilateral series stopped them from accepting it. 

ICC does not want to Devalue its Marquee Events

Rules suggest that ICC doesn’t allow a series that consists of more than 3 nations. They weren’t in favor of changing this rule. Moreover, it would have devalued ICC’s marquee events. 

According to PTI, one of the board members remarked:

“In any case, ICC’s Financial and Commercial Affairs Committee (F&CA) was against this proposal. As we know that the MPA (Members Participation Agreement) doesn’t allow any member nation to host more than tri-nation, organizing four-nation every year would have in any case devalued ICC’s own marquee events.”

No Mention of Tom Harrison’s Similar Plan in the Meeting

Some reports suggested that Tom Harrison, the chairman of the England Cricket Board (ECB) was also looking forward to the initiative of a four-nation tourney but the idea wasn’t discussed at the meeting. 

PCB Chairman still Glad about the Outcome

Ramiz Raja’s proposal was rejected but he seemed content with the meeting and looks forward to revealing more details later on. 

“Great discussion regarding the 4 Nations series today at the ICC meeting. As a concept it was welcomed and debated upon and seen as promoting the interest in the game. Fingers crossed. More when I am back at the office tomorrow.”

Public’s Reaction and Backlash

However, this news wasn’t very well received by the public. Fans from Pakistan were crossed by the rejection and felt embarrassed. Some thought it shouldn’t even have been pitched in the first place. 

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