Effects of Russia – Ukraine conflict on worldwide sports

There have been a lot of recent events going on all around the world having disastrous effects on the entirety of it. The Russia-Ukraine conflict is one of those unfortunate happenings which have impacted everything in the world.

As we all know that war is not the solution to any type of conflict, it poses threats to peace all around the world. This is what we saw on this occasion. Ongoing disputes between these two countries have destroyed the equilibrium of sports and entertainment. 

The condition of Russian Sports:

Without any doubt, Russia has been hit hard due to its start of aggression and has been facing the outcomes since then. Russian sports encountered backlash in many ways.

Champions League final:

The final of the UEFA Champions League was to be held in Saint Petersburg, Russia. But the UEFA has made clear that there will be a change of venues. Hence, this will be a serious setback to Russian Football. Paris will now host the Champions league after Russia was stripped of its rights.

EuroLeague teams and Players:

There are sides such as Moscow, Kazan, and Saint Petersburg competing in the top 10 of their respective leagues. They are favorites to make their way into the playoffs. However, there are a lot of players who are not willing to travel to Russian soil for their away and home matches. 

These include Barcelona’s Alex Abrines, who preferred not to travel. American players such as Nigel Hayes-Davis and Brandon Davies are also not sure whether they will be allowed to play in Russia.

Russia Ukarine Conflict

Russian Grand Prix:

Sochi will host this year’s Russian Grand Prix, but as a protest, some players have decided against playing the contest due to Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

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Olympics Participation:

The International Olympics Committee has barred the Russian and Belarusian athletes from entering the competitions. The organization has also agreed on moving the competitions from these parts of the world.

Effects on Russia’s Sports Investors:  

This conflict and its adverse effect on the international community has created an atmosphere of doubt among Russian sports investors and enthusiasts.

Roman Abramovich was making moves to sell his assets in the UK and was also looking to sell his football club, Chelsea, to the highest bidder. But before all of that could happen, the UK government froze all of his assets and barred him from all the immunities.

The reaction of Athletes:

Several Russian athletes have spoken against the assault in Ukraine. Daniel Medvedev, top-seeded Russian tennis player condemned this action against Ukraine and called for peace. 

Fedor Smolov, a top soccer player, also expressed his frustration on Instagram by saying: “No war!”.

Further recent actions:

On March 9, Fifa postponed Ukraine’s World Cup qualification play-offs against Ukraine.

On March 1, tennis bodies decided to cancel all the events of WTA and ATP in Moscow.

Russian and Belarusian Skaters were also banned by the International Skating Union. There was an immediate suspension by the International Rugby committee, for both teams.

The Badminton World Federation also cancelled all of the tournaments taking place in the Russian Federation.

Conclusion: We sincerely hope that the issues are resolved as quickly as possible, and the peace prevails, so that people can take a sigh of relief and sports can resume in both of these countries.

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